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Punish Teenagers Who Tortured and Killed Pelican


Target: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Goal: Demand punishment for group of teenagers who cruelly tortured and killed a wild pelican

A wild brown pelican was sadistically tortured by a group of Florida teenagers before it was suffocated by the smoke of one of the teens’ e-cigarette. Liz Barraco, the spokeswoman of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, says that one boy aged 17 has been identified to be the instigator of the cruel attack.  All the details from the attack have yet to be revealed, but Barraco says that several teenagers were involved.

The pelican was forcibly held down and the teens blew smoke from an e-cigarette into its beak and eyes. They eventually clamped the pelican’s beak shut multiple times, and since pelicans do not have nostrils, they cannot breathe if their mouths are closed. Sadly, this act resulted in the pelican’s death during the night.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance camera and the incriminating footage will be released after a scheduled court hearing. The main instigator has been charged with violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which is a second-degree misdemeanor. For adults, this charge would lead to a maximum penalty of $500 and 2 months of jail time, but since the culprit is a minor, he will most likely be enrolled in a diversion program.

Brown pelicans used to be protected as an endangered species, but the population bounced back after the banning of DDT pesticides. Unfortunately, since these birds are large and easily caught, they are still frequent victims of humans. Several pelicans have been discovered with their pouches cut, which renders them incapable of eating. This investigation has yet to be solved. The case of the pelican savagely tortured and killed by a group of teenagers, however, can be closed. Please sign this petition to ensure that the teenagers who committed this heinous crime will be brought to justice and punished.


Dear Pam Bondi,

Brown pelicans have made a remarkable recovery over the years once the DDT pesticide was banned. However, other threats to the species still remain. Pelicans have been mysteriously attacked on numerous occasions by humans. Do not let this become a massive trend. We have to continue protecting the species, even if their population has stabled.

Recently, teenagers were caught on camera torturing a brown pelican by suffocating it with smoke from an e-cigarette. Although the main instigator has been charged, the other participants have yet to be held accountable. Please make sure that all the perpetrators are sufficiently punished for their crimes.


[Your Name Here]


End Horrific Treatment of Sheep at Slaughterhouse


Target: Robert and William Woodward, owners of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb slaughterhouse

Goal: Prevent horrific acts of cruelty against slaughterhouse sheep.

A horrifying video recently came to light that showed workers in a UK slaughterhouse viciously kicking and shoving terrified sheep before slaughtering them. According to a report in Daily Mail, workers are alleged to have burst into laughter while watching a sheep bleed to death, and others were reported to have taunted the animals by waving knives in front of their faces. These acts were discovered after hidden cameras were installed to monitor the behavior of the workers. Although three men were suspended and another fired, the damage from the incident, which reportedly took place in December of 2014, has already been done.

According to Daily Mail, an organization called Animal Aid claimed that UK law had been violated because the workers moved the animals quickly after their throats had been cut; UK law requires workers to hold them for at least twenty seconds. This is a measure to ensure that the animal fully loses consciousness. To add insult to injury, these animals were intended to be slaughtered according to the Islamic tradition of halal, which dictates that animals should be killed quickly, without seeing the blade or witnessing the deaths of other animals. Slaughterhouses need to make sure that there are strict measures in place to prevent workers from engaging in this kind of cruelty.

Please sign this petition to let the owners of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb slaughterhouse know that you would like for them to enact stricter measures to ensure that no more cruelty is inflicted upon animals slated for slaughter.


Dear Robert and William Woodward,

I was appalled to see the recent video that was released online, which shows workers shoving and kicking sheep that were scheduled for slaughter in your facility. According to a report in Daily Mail, “A worker stood on the neck of a conscious sheep, then bounced up and down.” This terrible abuse is unforgiveable. There is no reason why an animal should experience such distress before it is slaughtered. While I commend you for disciplining the workers involved, I also feel that there is much more to be done.

I ask that you please impose stricter measures to ensure that this kind of cruelty never takes place again within your slaughterhouses. This may require thorough background checks and tougher supervision of the workers, but I feel that it would be worth the extra expenses. I trust that you will get this matter straightened out.


[Your Name Here]


For more info on this, see SAV past post at:


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