England: A Great News Update From IAR On ‘Budi’ The Baby Orangutan – He Is Coming On In Leaps and Bounds !

Budi feeding feb 15

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Where you can become a supporter and either donate to adopt Budi and lots more.

You may remember that we recently posted an article on little ‘Budi’, the baby Orangutan who was so very close to death when he was finally taken in by the International Animal Rescue team:


Well now we have had an update from IAR; and the fantastic news is that Budi is really coming on in leaps and bounds ! – he now looks so good you would not even think it was the same tiny animal which was rescued a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your support!


Budi feb 15

Dear Mark

I wanted to write to you on behalf of our amazing animal care team and sincerely thank you for your recent donation to International Animal Rescue.

Thanks to you his life is no longer in danger and his health is improving every day. The change in little Budi has been remarkable. From a pitiful creature who was in so much pain that he was unable to move or sit up on his own, he has become an inquisitive young orangutan with a huge appetite for food and a strong will to survive. 

See the latest update on Budi here.

Many people have been moved and inspired by the story of Budi the baby orangutan

Budi has won the hearts of people all over the world and his story has given us an amazing opportunity to raise awareness of our orangutan rescue project in West Borneo.

I am sorry that it has taken us a while to write to you: of course, we have been busy looking after Budi but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and let you know that your donation has made a real difference. As you will see from his update, Budi is responding extremely well and, while there is still lots to do, because of your contribution we have been able to provide him with the very best intensive care – I am sure that you will be as delighted as we are with his progress.

I have been asked whether it is possible to adopt Budi and I am very pleased to say we have just completed the adoption package for our new star. I would like to offer you an early opportunity to adopt Budi, and become one of Budi’s “first buddies” – if you will forgive the pun! – before we share this exciting news with the rest of our supporters.

Should you decide to adopt Budi, you can choose either a digital pack or postal pack and you will receive a certificate, factsheet and full colour photo of Budi, followed by regular updates, photos and videos of his progress, accessible via our website.

Please note that the postal packs are still in production and it could be a few days before they are dispatched from the UK. Our digital packs are sent immediately after purchase and make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Once again, please accept a very heartfelt “thank you” for your support on behalf of Budi and all of us at International Animal Rescue. Our rescue teams out in the field genuinely couldn’t save a single animal without you.

With warm regards.

Yours sincerely

Alan Knight OBE

Chief Executive


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