EU: Does The New EU Agriculture Commissioner Support Live Animal Exports To Non EU Countries and A Barbaric Death ? – From What He Says – YES.




Would you like to have a guess at who said the following:

“I certainly won’t be bullied by 500 text messages that I receive on my
phone during the course of the day on animal welfare issues.

That won’t work with me, forget about it. (…)

I will not give a direct answer in relation to the way animals are exported outside the European Union to other countries because I don’t know at this stage which country’s legislation is under crisis. (…)

The question whether we should have live export of cattle or not,

I am in favour of live cattle export. (…)”

Well, it was an EU Commissioner who has the name of Phil Hogan – and the statement was his answer to Olga Kikou, European Affairs Manager of NGO “Compassion in World Farming” re live exports to Non-EU countries.

phil hogan EU

Above – Commissioner Hogan

On 10 September 2014, he was nominated as the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, taking office on 1 November.

Check out Phil Hogan on the following sites which are available to the public (us):

One has to ask if this un-elected person and the comments made to very well respected CIWF representative have anything to do with him guarding the interests of the Irish cattle “producers” and export industry ?

– recently Ireland established live cattle exports from the country to Libya, for example.  One has to question what the slaughter procedures for these same animals were like there ? – certainly NOT to EU standards !

It goes to show that an un-elected Commissioner can appear to overrule the wishes of tens of thousands of EU citizens who want the export of live animals to non EU countries to be stopped immediately.

Please check out our following post to see what typically happens to live animals when they are exported live to non-EU nations.  In other words; a trade that Phil Hogan appears to support.

See video footage of the situation here – filmed by the very people that Mr. Hogan is dismissing – London based ‘Compassion In World Farming’ (CIWF).

See also the CIWF investigation into EU animals brutally slaughtered in Gaza; a NON EU location.  No doubt Mr. Hogan also supports this following on from his statement to CIWF.

Cattle transported live from Romania and Hungary (EU member states) many thousands of miles to be barbarically slaughtered by having their throats cut without any from of pre-stunning.  Live animals no longer protected by EU legislation. 

** WARNING – Graphic footage in the following video of animal suffering **.

Please note you have the option of viewing a Censored or Un-Censored version of the investigation video.

And Mr. Hogan is the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, yet he seems to support this barbarity !!

Thanks to D for getting the ball rolling with this.

How common is all of this which we see with live animals exported from Australia ?

We are sending this post to English Members of the European Parliament. – SAV.

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