Viet Nam: Ex Bile Bears Finally Arrive At ‘Animals Asia’ Sanctuary After Epic 4 Day Road Trip. See The Stories and Pictures Here. Congratulations to Jill and All The Crew At AA.

viet nam flag


Celebrate – Its ‘Moon Bear Monday’ Folks !!!

AA bear rescue

AA Yogi


AA bears arrive 1

AA bears arrive 2

Following on from our recent post and the epic road journey that the bears have had to get to their new sanctuary home with Animals Asia;

… we can now report that today (30 March 15) they have finally all arrived safe and sound at the facility.

The best way to catch up with all the news and photos of the arrival after 4 days on the road is to visit the AA Ben Tre Rescue Timeline – here is the link to some great reading:

This has been a wonderful job and all credit must be given to everyone who has taken part in this rescue.  Thanks also to Jill who as always has done such a superb and professional Animals Asia job to ensure that everyone has been able to closely follow this rescue and re homing right from the very start.  Thank you Jill – magic job which is now complete.

AA bears arrive 3

AA bears arrive 4

Please give anything that you can to support the wonderful work of the AA crew who have been involved with this superb bear rescue.  The bears are now free from their lives at bile farm; and they can look forward to many years of superb care, freedom and super food as provided by the staff and supporters of this excellent organisation which we are so proud to be members of here in the UK.

AA bears arrive 5

Welcome to your new and vastly different, SO MUCH BETTER future life bear friends – Now with people who will always care for you rather than abusing you as others have done in the past – YOU ARE FREE !

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