Serbia: Sasha Does It Again – This Time He Saves A Dog From A Freezing Riverbank – Watch and Enjoy – Good Outcome !

Serbian  Flag


We are all familiar with the excellent work of Sasha and his dog shelter in Serbia – most of you took part in the recent campaign to save his facility – Please note that everything is fine now and any petitions and campaign organised in the recent past have stopped:

Vesna here in London has been in contact with ‘Harmony Fund’  – and they are fully aware of, and keeping track of the current proposal situation for stray animals within Serbia as we are.

What we are hoping is, that the Serbian government will allow the public decision making process to take place so that this matter can be dealt with as laid down in the law.  Let us all stand by for their next move which they said will be happening in April and which they were planning to finish (the proposal) in May!

We have to continue to put the global pressure on the decision makers and not let another Romania happen all over again.  To ensure that we don’t have a ‘Romania 2’ regarding the abuses of stray dogs and cats; we are keeping the EU Enlargement Commission aware of what is happening; even though they are not bothering to contact us.

Just as something extra; here is a link to the Harmony Fund web site.

Watch dog rescuer Sasha Pesic (the same Sasha from the shelter above) scale the column of a bridge to reach a frightened dog stranded on an icy riverbank.

Scroll down a little more and you will see ways in which you can donate to Harmony Fund to help the animals in Serbia.

Enjoy the video – which has a good ending !!

sasha dogs love heart

Above – Sasha’s Shelter Dogs Say Thank You for All the Help They Have Had from You !

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