Serbia / Global: Almost 250,000 People Save Dog Sanctuary from Eviction on Christmas.

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Care2 Success! Almost 250,000 People Save Dog Sanctuary from Eviction on Christmas

 sasha 1 saved

Watch the great clip of Sasha and all the dogs having fun after the news of being saved:

by Laura Simpson

January 12, 2015

A quarter million dog lovers recently formed a virtual human shield around a besieged cage-free dog sanctuary in Nis, Serbia.

Care2 online petition to protect the sanctuary was an overnight sensation, delivering tremendous political impact that halted the planned Christmas eviction of the dogs (read the original story here). With just days to spare before dog catchers were scheduled to invade the sanctuary, municipal officials announced that the dogs could remain on their property for the time being. Though the city would like to use the land for other purposes, efforts are underway to persuade them to help identify a new home for the sanctuary.

sasha 2 saved

Recently, the mayor visited the shelter, and even brought a few large sacks of food with him. He stood beside the sanctuary’s founder Sasha Pesic, who was rather caught-off-guard by the appearance of cooperation from a municipal government who previously regarded the rescue center as a nuisance. Was this a simple photo op or can the sanctuary expect acknowledgment of their role in the private care of thousands of the city’s homeless dogs over the years?

One of the most amazing things to come from this experience is the change in Sasha himself. As a man who entirely devotes himself to the protection of all 450 dogs who live at the sanctuary, Sasha died a thousand deaths during the month of December when the dogs were suddenly threatened by forces he could not control. But now, we’re beginning to see something we haven’t seen in quite a while. Sasha is beginning to smile again.

If you have just a moment, watch this little video clip and you’ll be quite amazed at what crops up in the middle. Indeed, a playful Sasha seems to have rekindled his sense of joy in playing the role of pack leader to the dogs. Make sure you have your sound turned up to hear all the giggling!

The sanctuary’s ultimate objective is to persuade the municipality to provide an equally suitable property for the dogs to relocate to. The sanctuary team are waiting patiently for meetings to spell out exactly what the city is willing to offer. Those meetings are yet to be scheduled by authorities. Meanwhile, the dog sanctuary’s monthly funds to provide food and veterinary care for the dogs comes from the Harmony Fund charity.

They have established a fund to begin saving for the cost of erecting a shelter on the new property next summer. The cost is expected to be substantial. Major developments in this story will be reported here.

For weekly updates, you may follow the Harmony Fund’s Facebook page.

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