Nepal: Gadhimai Latest – “The issue here is not just one festival, but also the direction people of Nepal and the human race is going”



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Please go to ‘Home’ on the top tab and then just scroll down to find several very recent articles we have covered on this brutality by people wanting to be viewed by the world as ‘civilised’ !!.  Some posts include information and contact details for all global Neplalese embassies should you wish to contact them.

Saturday 29th November

The slaughter continues

All photographs here via CIWF in London.


From the CIWF undercover investigator:

“We went towards the stadium and the smell hit us from some distance, the whole area was absolutely stinking, people were covering their mouths with fabric to try and mask it. One man emerged from the main stadium gate and vomited as we walked in.

The entire stadium ground was littered with severed buffalo heads and entrails, some of the stomachs had burst open spilling their contents over the ground which was covered in bloodstains and flies buzzed everywhere. It was a pretty gruesome experience, stepping over heads, tails, and animal guts strewn everywhere, with the blood-soaked red scarves which the animals had been wearing during the last, stressful moments of their lives, abandoned on the ground. As we left the main arena another helpless buffalo was led in and then decapitated”.



All photographs – CIWF 

Take action at:

Visit the CIWF website at   for more and a whole host of global farm animal issues.

Other links:

Very distressing footage of the slaughter in the name of religion:

“The issue here is not just one festival but also the direction people of Nepal and the human race is going

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