28/7: Very Important Breaking News – Gadhimai Temple Trust agrees to cancel all future animal sacrifice.



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2150hrs GMT London – 28/7/15.

Breaking News – we are hearing today that the Gadhimai Temple Trust agrees to cancel all future animal sacrifice, urges devotees not to bring animals to the festival.

We have a lot of info on this but as this is a very important victory, we need to make a proper post.  This will be produced on 29/7.

Please check this site then for further information.

This is confirmed via more than 1 source; so we are certain that it is correct. 

More tomorrow ! – SAV.

One of our many previous posts to remind you of the campaign –


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Romania: Stop the assault on Europe’s last pristine wilderness – Petition link included – please sign.


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Link and petition:


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Romania: stop the assault on Europe’s last pristine wilderness

Bears and wolves still prowl the ancient forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Yet their days are numbered: organized criminals are illegally clear-cutting entire hillsides to supply European timber companies. Tell the Romanian environmental ministry to put a stop to the destruction.

Illegal logging is rampant in Romania. Since the fall of Communism in 1989, no less than 400,000 hectares of forest have been cleared there without permission, mainly for export as parquet, laminate and fuel pellets. “One of the last remaining virgin forests in Europe is cut being down to heat homes in Austria and Germany,” says Alexander von Bismarck, head of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

An Austrian company, Holzindustrie Schweighofer, is playing a key role in the destruction of Romania’s forests. Schweighofer has been at the heart of a scandal in recent weeks involving forged delivery notes, bribes and dubious concessions.

An EIA video documents Schweighofer’s practices. In it, von Bismarck negotiated with company representatives posing as a foreign investor seeking to sell timber. The environmentalists concluded that Schweighofer deliberately and consciously buys – and indeed, pays bonuses for – illegally harvested timber. CEO Gerald Schweighofer called the video “misleading”.

By contrast, a leaked letter Schweighofer sent to the Romanian prime minister leaves no room for misinterpretation. In it, he threatens to sue the Romanian government in international courts if it does not amend its forestry laws to the company’s advantage.

Schweighofer is now building a new €150 million sawmill in Reci. Work has gone ahead without an environmental impact assessment and Romanian environmentalist Hans Hedrich therefore considers it to be illegal. He believes that the “Schweighofer system” would collapse if the sawmill can be kept from going into operation: “It would be the first step toward rescuing the forests.”

Tell the Romanian Ministry for Environment, Waters and Forests to deny the Reci sawmill an operating permit and to do everything in its power to combat the illegal timber trade.

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Every 14 minutes an African elephant is killed.

African elephant, Loxodonta africana, Gary Stolz, USFWS

African elephant, Loxodonta africana, Gary Stolz, USFWS

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Dear Mark,

Every 14 minutes an African elephant is killed.

Elephant populations are crashing as a vicious wave of ivory poaching sweeps the continent. Half of the elephant families in Tanzania have been wiped out since 2009. But the Center for Biological Diversity is taking action now to stop the slaughter — petitioning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect elephants as endangered. We are the only U.S. environmental group taking this crucial step of petitioning to save both forest and savannah elephants in Africa.

We will need your help though — getting elephants protected will be a long and costly battle. Your contribution to the Center will help us save these intelligent, social animals.

Elephants desperately need full protection under the Endangered Species Act. Their current status as a “threatened” species clearly isn’t doing enough: The United States is the second-largest market for ivory in the world.

Full protection under the Endangered Species Act will add a powerful arsenal of new tools to the fight to save these extraordinary animals. It will stop elephant parts from being sold in the United States and crack down on the practice of using the legal trade in old ivory as a cover for illegal trade in new ivory. Last month a senior Chinese wildlife official pledged to end the ivory trade if the United States does the same. This listing would do exactly that.

You can support the Center’s work to protect African elephants with a contribution today.

We’re specialists at using the Endangered Species Act to save wildlife — we’ve gotten hundreds of animals and plants protected under the Act, which has a 90 percent success rate in saving species from extinction. By acting now, we can do our best to keep Africa’s elephants from disappearing. We can’t stand by while the brutal ivory trade wipes out 100 elephants every day.

Your gift to the Center will help secure lifesaving protection for Africa’s elephants. They need your help now.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
for Biological Diversity