Serbia: Appeal To Help Many Dogs At The Vets For Sterilisations.

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Donation site link (SAFE Site):

We entered the new month having a debt from June.

At the vet we have new dogs who will be neutered as soon as possible.

Their lives were in danger because of their agressiveness. Bony, abandon Breton, is at the vet, in therapy, and she needs to recover and get stronger before she gets neutered. Besides, at the house we are taking care of six puppies found in garbage container,  theu have been fed by hand… These days it’s time for their first vaccine. Street dogs and food for them we can’t even count anymore… We are dealing with it in different ways, getting in debt, borrowing…

Please help us with paying for at least two emergency sterilizations and six vaccines for puppies. This totals at around 110 euros. Two sterilizations are about 70 euros, and 6 vaccines are about 40. Because of out old debt, the vet has stopped everything else, and we are helpless about that.

Please give anything you can via the safe site on this link, thank you.

Donation site link (SAFE Site):

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UK: Breaking News 3/7 – Bees – Expert (UK) Government Pesticides Committee has rejected the application to bring bee-killing pesticides back to our fields – But Will Liz Truss Take Note ?

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See our main post, along with the petition which you can still sign, at:


Dear Mark,

News just in: government experts have just advised environment minister Liz Truss to keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides. [1] It’s a huge step forward, but it’s now down to Liz to make the final decision.

So the race is on. It’s unusual for the government to ignore the experts, but the toxic pesticide companies will now be throwing everything into swinging her decision. They have money – but we have people power (over 425,000 of us!) and together we can persuade Liz Truss to do the right thing.

We don’t have long, the decision is about to be made – can you send a quick tweet to Liz Truss to make sure she rejects bee-killing pesticides?

Urgent: Tweet Defra Now

The Expert Pesticides Committee has rejected the application to bring bee-killing pesticides back to our fields. But the final decision rests with environment minister Liz Truss. Please tweet her now.

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The petition to keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides has an incredible 425,000 signatures. And thousands of 38 Degrees members have emailed MPs and environment ministers persuading them to stand up for our bees. [2]

Here’s why 38 Degrees member Pauline is campaigning to protect the bees:
“A world without bees is a world without humans. Bees are far too important to be killed by neonicotinoids in the interests of business and short-sightedness.”

The decision is about to be made by Liz Truss and the other government ministers. Please can you tweet environment minister Liz Truss and ask her to protect the bees?


Thanks for being involved,

Nat, James, Bex and 38 Degrees team

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[1] Farmers Guardian: NFU Neonicotinoid Emergency Use Application Rejected:
[2] Read about 38 Degrees members campaigning to save our bees here:
You can read more about some of our friends’ campaigns to protect our bees here:
Bug life: Saving the small things that run the planet:
Friends of the Earth: The Bee Cause:

Please Join Us – Help The Bees Have A Voice !

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Denise and Mark with their ‘Bee Hotel’ – Awaiting Many New Residents !!

The News Is Creating A Real Buzz Around Here (Pun Intended !)

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Nothing to do with this campaign – but enjoy – Time Out for 5 !  








England / EU: Keith wins EU animal welfare award.


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Keith wins EU animal welfare award

Eurogroup4Animals presented an awards ceremony last month in recognition of contributions made to animal welfare at its Animal Welfare Conference held in Brussels.

Keith was very pleased to be awarded with the main award.

The conference brings together stakeholders from many EU and international organisations as well as governments and decision makers to discuss how improvements in animal welfare can be addressed in the coming years.

Keith said:

“I’m honoured to have been awarded the EU4Animals Award. I’m deeply committed to the welfare of animals and am very grateful to the many individuals and groups who I have worked with to prevent animal suffering.”

SAV Comment:

Congratulations to Keith on his award for all his animal welfare campaigning work; he has helped us in the recent past re live animal transport out of the UK, and also writing to the Serbian government to support our work regarding the issue of stray animals within Serbia.  Links to read more: