Serbia: July 23rd Message From Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag FELIX felix cartoon 2   felix 23 July 1

Dear friends,

I know that summer is usually a very lean time of year for donations, but the needs of the kitties certainly don’t slow down.

Over the last month we’ve barely managed to raise enough funds to purchase wet canned cat food to cover 10 days, which means we’re running into debt yet again. With or without donations, we certainly can’t let the cats starve but our personal funds unfortunately are not unlimited.

felix 23 july 2

Four new platforms and three ladders that we needed to replace the rotten ones in the yard are currently being built, but this time everything will be solid and durable; all of the platforms will have metal legs and we expect them to last a long time.

Although the meteoalarm has been raised to “red“ in Serbia and the extreme heat will continue for days, we have just had the cats’ huge outdoor sandbox enclosed with a brick wall and little by little, we’re trying to make the living space of our kitties as comfortable as possible.

felix 23 july 3

But the fact we’re not crying out for help on a daily basis doesn’t mean we don’t need it – on the contrary, we do and very badly.

Please, consider supporting our work with whatever you can afford! Any contribution you’re able to make, no matter how small, will be gratefully received!

felix appeal june 15