China: Please Support The Call To Stop Animal and Human Abusers To Be Awarded The Olympics in 2022.


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We all witnessed the suffering of animals at Yulin very recently –

and now we do not want the animal abusers and the abusers of the people of Tibet to be awarded the 2022 Olympics for their cruelty to both the animals and humans.  Please support the call to say NO.


Next Friday, the International Olympics Committee will decide whether to award China a second Olympics.

More than 10,000 people already have joined the call for the IOC to say no to Beijing.

Thank you for your support so far – please help us give this one last push and share the petition now.

When China last hosted the Olympics there was a violent crackdown in Tibet and since then repression in China and Tibet has only worsened.

The momentum against Beijing’s bid is building: just yesterday leading activists representing people across China wrote an open letter to the IOC, saying that “for hundreds of millions of people inside China’s borders, the Games returning to Beijing will be a green light for the government’s ongoing abuse of their rights and denial of their hopes for freedom.”

This is our last chance to show the IOC that it’s a mistake to reward China’s oppression – please help by sharing the petition.

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England: Today In The Garden.


Hibiscus from the garden today – 24/7/15.

Mid Summer and it is raining hard  – rain scheduled for the next 18 hours or so.

But we must not complain – rain – lifeblood for the planet – would we have plants as superb as these if we did not have the rain ?


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23rd July – Petitions and More.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Petitions and More


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