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Türkey dog camp


Lets try and start the week with some good news.


The court has just explained the decision about Kısırkaya animal concentration camp. İstanbul 6th Administrative Court declared to cancel the concentration camp.

Thank you to all activists who have been interested in our case from across the world.

Kısırkaya concentration camp is still active. We will fight until the end.

With solidarity,


Our post of February 2015 on this specific issue:




A shelter was against the regulations of the Court Kısırka

The court said it was clearly contrary to the provisions of the legislation Kısırka shelter. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, lost his lawsuit Kısırka.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which was built in Kisirkaya thousands of denying the request for cancellation of the animals from the shelter capacity projects, was found unlawful. He said that the construction of the shelter is clearly contrary to the regulations.

Joint review of the case to the lawyer concerned, this decision to mean the cancellation of the project.

Animal Welfare and Development Association, which is contrary to the legislation of the shelter project in Kisirkaya have applied for annulment on the grounds IMM, IMM had rejected this demand. Society, he had filed on July 22, 2014 IMM.

Court facility is “partly pasture, will also partially protected area is located on the beach and beach kumull” and said housing permits for the construction of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board and said that taking views. The decision was made the following statements:

“The dispute, he found the disputed animal shelter construction so that the approval of the relevant 1/1000 scale development plan 1/5000 scale development plan notes the scope of application can not be made, however, but remains in legends meadows and beaches will be protected and coastal kumull areas in the zoning plan Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board by decision 1 and the remainder in the 2nd degree natural protected areas and it is clear that about Cultural and Natural Heritage have been made without permission from the Board of Protection of the aspects mentioned above-mentioned legislation and quoted by human activities is contrary to made the policy decision. “

“In the legislation, contrary to animal rights”

Freedom of association is the original earth John, the facilities in which 500 animals should be made available immediately dysfunctional, he said:

“We said from the beginning that this place is contrary to law regulations.

Court whatever it decides, we say that it is contrary to this facility in the first animal rights. Now he sees a violation of the laws of the court in concentration camps. We will also continue to fight until the center becomes a genocide against stray animals.

“The court has given the decision to cancel the 3rd bridge on the route. 3. bridge route is already taking place beyond 3 km of the shelter Kısırka. Natural areas in this two-Kısırka Gümüşdere decision was an important step to protect.

“This needs to stop all the illegal operation. Because animal collection efforts continue for months and now has around 500 animals at the shelter Kısırka.

“The Court’s decision must be rendered useless once this facility.”

They were made by action;

Animal rights activists, exiting Taken from the streets natural habitats of stray animals city against isolation in a remote facility, if the access to the facility, saying it was far from meeting the needs of audit and animals had been opposed to the project.

Shelter construction made against both Kisirkaya in both actions before IMM, CHP and gave parliamentary questions on the subject of HDPE

turkish dog camp