Important Petition: Muzzled Dog Has Limbs Removed By Woman Whilst It Is Alive !

How many times do we have to inform the authorities and police that animal abusers usually turn into child abusers and human killers ?


Warning – very graphic video footage on petition site.  Scroll to end to sign petition after repeating crypt.

UPDATE: After investigating this case deeper and receiving a response from the INTERPOL we found out that the woman from the video is Dorma Ridon.

The same person from the blow torch video.

Dorma and her husband Vincente were locked up in June 2012 and will remain there as they were sentenced to life in prison for the child abuse, animal cruelty and others.

A horrifying case of animal cruelty and abuse has surfaced on the internet as a video of a woman mistreating an tied up dog was posted on the social media.

In the video, a woman can be seen using a saw to slowly remove the dog’s legs as the dog cries in pain. The dog has a muzzle and the other legs seem to be already removed. The dog was conscious through the ordeal and it is unknown if he survived.

The dog seems to have no fur on him at all and that might be the result of him being skinned alive.

Please share this petition in an effort to identify this woman and have her prosecuted for her actions! This woman must be identified and I’m most certain someone out there knows who she is.

With a little help from the animal activists world and the INTERPOL we can make sure that she will be caught and punished for inducing so much pain to innocent animals! Everyone involved in this heinous act of cruelty must pay! Including the cameraman and the other persons from the set!

Please take action and make sure that she gets caught!

There is word out there that this case might be related to an older one from 2011. In the video from 2011 a woman was seen burning a dog using a blow torch. However that woman was prosecuted for her acts of cruelty and it is unsure if this new video is related to the same abuser.

Serbia: July 7th Latest From Danica At Felix Shelter.

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felix cartoon 2



With the summer heat in full swing, life at the shelter seems quite uneventful as most of the kitties are spending their days passed out all over the place, rightfully feeling it’s too hot to even move around. However, it’s not only that their needs remain the same, but now is also the time to start and finish all of the minor repairs at the shelter.


Almost all of the platforms, ladders and wooden wire spools the cats are having so much fun with while playing in the yard need to be replaced now, after being exposed to all kinds of weather over the last few years. Autumn rains and the winter cold have taken their toll and no matter how well these wooden items were protected by paint or stain, they can’t last forever. And our kitties just love them all big time!

The old outdoor fence which became wobbly three years ago is miraculously still holding up, but the posts keep crumbling and deteriorating with every passing day  and it’s been ages since we could close the gates properly. It would be fabulous if this summer we could manage to raise the funds to rebuild the brick-made pillars and the small wall between them, clean and polish the old iron fence above and replace the sheet metal part of the gates. It’s got to be done this summer before the rotten posts completely fall apart and the whole fence goes down, that is…


And last but not the least, not by a long shot – the kitties must eat every day and now the time is rapidly coming for the mandatory yearly vaccinations against rabies. The problem is that donations regularly slow down as summer approaches and while we totally understand everyone’s busy planning their vacations, our situation is always unenviable at this time of year. The same thing has been happening forever; when the weather is nice, we’re barely keeping afloat, and when we have enough funds to do something, it’s impossible to work outside due to the weather conditions. We should’ve gotten used to it by now, I guess…


Anyways, if you have a little extra you could spare to help us out please do so! Even the smallest donation means a lot, as they all add up and get us closer to our goal. A three-digit number of lazy, relaxed kitties and a couple of their tired humans will be immeasurably grateful for your vital help!


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