Serbia: Black Sack Puppies.

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Further donations can still be given even if the target amount has been reached.

black sack pup

Three puppies, black is found in the garbage when she was five days and brought up on the bottle, the two were found on the street, abandoned, without mother, frightened and hungry but healthy yesterday were vaccinated and placed in board.

Please, help us in the payment of two immunizations (for black puppie we had the money for the vaccine) food for puppies and board for a period of one month.

Approximately 40 euros for the three of them.

Board that keeps them accepted to wait for payment.

Please help us to keep them on the safe – they are so small.

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Serbia: Shelter ‘Alex’ – Cicko the Cat and 10 Puppies.


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Further donations can still be given even if the target amount has been reached.


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Cicko, the cat and 10 puppies

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As always, no day is boring in the shelter “Alex”.

The summer heat and temperatures above 30C are not easing the work in the shelter.

 alex cicko cat

Two days ago, we we were notified about the cat that is in a poor health state.

We named him ‘Cicko’.

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After examination by a veterinarian it was found that the problem with his eye is congenital, so now we are only cleaning and lubricating it. The upper front teeth are broken, and on his back there is an older burn that heals and looks like a cigarette burn.

Cicko is very cuddly, and as soon as someone looks at him, he immediately starts purring and really trusts people despite of everything he has been through. Since he has no upper front teeth, it is difficult to assess how old he is, but according to the veterinarian he has about 1.5 years.

When Cicko fully heals he will be given up for adoption, and we hope someone will come and offer him a home full of love and attention.

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 alex puppies

About 2 weeks ago 8 puppies (above) were left in front of the shelter in a cardboard box. We took them, cleaned them, vaccinated them and with the food and lots of puppy fun they are really doing well. Since then 2 more pups were found and now we have 10 of them.

They all need good homes and we hope they will find them.

In the meantime we really need your help to buy food (especially canned food and salami) and to buy the building materials for the maintenance of the shelter, building of new dog houses and fixing of kennels. Please, please, share our appeals so that shelter “Alex” can continue in taking care of its 500 dogs.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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USA / China: Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret – Company Does U Turn To Gain Sales In China – At The Cost Of Animal Suffering.




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What a pity that a large organisation such as this has to put profit before animal welfare.  Should they not be using their obvious large global sales influence to put further pressure on the Chinese regarding all their animal abuse legislation ? – including asking them to undertake new Chinese legislation that prevents animal cruelty in order to make women look (allegedly) more beautiful ?

To us this is an ultimate hypocrisy from an organisation that was one given some credit and respect.  All this has now been lost by their new actions in China.  Maybe they should have a catwalk at the next Yulin festival where all their beautiful people can gorge themselves on the meats of street dogs that have been slaughtered barbarically.

Beautiful people ? – we dont think so.   

Keep watching the news to see what happens.  We will give any updates we know about this in the future.



PETA direct link to protest letter (to send):

Victorias-Dirty-Secret 1

Victoria’s Secret, a formerly cruelty-free company, recently confirmed that it will now be selling cosmetics in China, a country that requires painful and deadly tests on animals for cosmetics.

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Suffering for Victoria’s Secret ‘Beautiful People’ !!

Victorias-Dirty-Secret 1

It’s clear that the only “angels” associated with Victoria’s Secret are the sweet animals who will die on the company’s dime.

Tell Victoria’s Secret that you don’t support this horrible decision.

For all animals,

victoria 3

Victorias-Dirty-Secret 1

After years of not testing on animals, the company has confirmed that it will begin selling in China—meaning it will pay for cruel tests on animals!

Although the company fully understands the Chinese government’s requirements for tests on animals for cosmetics, it has chosen to enter this market anyway

Victoria’s Secret has been removed from PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals, and will find itself on PETA’s list of companies that do test on animals until it chooses compassion over cruelty.

Fortunately, PETA has received pledges from other companies—including The Body Shop, Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, Yes To Inc., and morethat they will never sell in China while animal tests are required.

Please tell Victoria’s Secret that cruelty isn’t sexy and that you won’t buy its products until the company is 100 percent cruelty-free again.

PETA direct link to protest letter (to send):

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