Serbia: The Mushroom Pups Looking For A Home. A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

Serbian  Flag

A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

Natasa Lukovic

Anyone wants a flying dog this is Holly, a year old beautiful girl; she also has a brother (please look at the photos in this album).they are both looking for a home (together or apart). Contact me if interested, and please share.

mushroom 1

mushroom 2

mushroom 3

mushroom 5

Check out lots more news and photos at:

mushroom 4

Holly and Buddy (mushrooms pups) are looking for a home

Updated 4 hours ago

23.12.15. update Holly and Buddy are brother and sister about a year old. Very friendly and cuddly, medium size dogs (Buddy is slightly bigger then Holly). They go well with other dogs, cats and adore children. Fully vaccinated and spay/ neutered,. looking for a homes. mushrooms are sponsored by Natalie Manning.

Thank you xx

They are now fully vaccinated .A boy and a girl, Buddy and Holly. About three and a half months old. went into the woods to look for mushrooms. and I came home with this two. Someone left them in the woods on the way to the mountain. What to say, Left them a great chance to survive; it is a boy and a girl. Tomorrow I’ll know more: how old they are, how much will growing. For now they have no names, I call them ‘mushrooms’. Please if anyone can be a sponsor of these puppies. They need food, pills against parasites, vaccines…

mushroom 6

muchroom 7


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