Costa Rica: Together, we just won a big victory for sharks and rays!

Check out the following response from Turtle Island Restoration Network in relation to our recent post re shark protection petition – our original link is shown here:



Dear Mark,

Together, we just won a big victory for sharks and rays!

On Monday, Costa Rica officially announced it would support the listing of all proposed shark and ray species at an important international conservation meeting being held in Costa Rica later this month.

I personally want to thank every one of you that signed our petition asking Costa Rica to take a strong position. Our almost 5,000 voices united together helped make a difference.

The announcement came after the Ministry of Environment sided with us and not with the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute who vehemently oppose shark protections.

Read more about the victory here.

2016 is going to be a pivotal year for the protection of sharks leading up to the CITES meeting in South Africa in the fall where critical decisions will be made.

Thank you for helping protect the sharks!

Peter Fugazzotto
Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

turtle island

PS – Even though Costa Rica will be supporting the listings, a number of other countries will need to vote in favor at the meeting this month. Please make a donation today so we can advocate on behalf of sharks and rays in the upcoming days.



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