Petition – Save The Sharks – Please Sign This Turtle Island Very Important Petition Today, Thank You.

turtle island


Dear Mark,

The fate of hammerhead, silky and thresher sharks is in our hands.

In the next few weeks, six nations will be gathering at an international meeting to decide whether to increase protections for these magnificent creatures.

In the past, my country of Costa Rica has led the way in the international protection of sharks. And I need you to take one simple action to further this protection.


Please sign my petition asking Costa Rica to lead the way at the Convention on Migratory Species meeting and support increased protective status for these shark species.

‎I’ve been blessed with being able to swim in schools of hammerheads, silkies and threshers in the Pacific. It was one of those moments of a lifetime. And my goal is to protect the sharks and the oceans for future generations.


Can you join me by signing my petition?


Randall Arauz,

International Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

turtle island

PS – Costa Rica has been a key player in the international shark protection arena and, with your show of support, can continue to play that role. Please add your name to the petition today!




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