Petition: Punish Billionaire for Destroying Coral Reef With Megayacht.

coral reef

Punish Billionaire for Destroying Coral Reef With Megayacht

Petition 2

Target: Cayman Islands Department of Environment Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie

Goal: Ensure man whose megayacht chain allegedly damaged most of a coral reef is properly punished for his negligence.

Billionaire Paul Allen is reportedly responsible for the destruction of a coral reef due to the fact that he anchored his ridiculously massive yacht in the middle of it.

The huge chain wrecked havoc upon the Cayman Islands reef, damaging around 80 percent of it. Almost 14,000 square feet of it was entirely destroyed, leaving untold numbers of marine organisms without food and shelter.

Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft, and as such he is incredibly wealthy. His yacht is the 49th largest in the world according to Boat International. Something this massive was bound to disrupt the ocean, but this destruction of such an important aspect of the marine ecosystem is completely unacceptable.

Allen is blaming the local port authority for the destruction of this reef, but his completely unnecessary yacht never should have been near the coral reef in the first place. Due to the fact that he has so much money, it’s possible that the authorities may be reluctant to try and prosecute him for this destruction. We cannot allow that to happen as it will send the message that billionaires can get away with anything.

Coral reefs cannot be repaired once destroyed. However, justice can be done and things like this can be prevented. Sign our petition to demand that Paul Allen be punished for damaging this coral reef.


Dear Director Ebanks-Petrie,

Recently, 80 percent of the West Bay coral reef was reportedly damaged by the anchor chain of Paul Allen’s massive megayacht. This is an incredible amount of destruction, as I’m sure you know, and will have a devastating effect on the marine ecosystem in the area. All of this is because of the greed of a rich man who apparently thinks that he can get away with anything.

This coral reef lies in a protected area and its destruction warrants much more than a simple fine that wouldn’t put a dent in his huge fortune. This is also not the first time that billionaire yachts have come along to damage these fragile habitats.

We can’t let this man get away with effectively destroying this coral reef and leaving untold numbers of marine animals without their home. Please do not let him off easy, as nothing can bring back a coral reef like this which took hundreds of years to develop. Ensure that your government presses charges against Paul Allen and makes him pay for his greedy negligence.


[Your Name Here]






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