Serbia: Another Appeal.

Serbian  Flag

SAV appeal 12 feb 1

The Story

We sent dog to vet and to orthopedist at town Novi Sad in Vojvodina.

X-ray shows complete broken bone in whole length of front right leg, check ups result in dog was hit by a car. Orthopedist suggested we do first blood test result to know is there any infection or not on broken bone, wrist is out of position and whole leg is out of position.

He also said if blood test result to be checked up operation must be done in maximum ten days after it. No point after because then test does not make any sense. Operation would cost approx. 200€ – 250€ ,transport would be needed twice for blood test result and for operation and both time transport would cost 24€ ( 12€ + 12€ ) . Also operation would consist of plate and screws to adjust with bone to heal, when bone heals up plate and screws would be removed.

After operation dog would need treatments, probably antibiotics. If operation would cost approx. 250€ and transport 24€ we would need without treatments after operation approx. 274€ . So far donated 35€ .With you.caring fee we approx.added amount of 250€ for donors to pledge. Dog also has health issues with rachitis, we thought at start rachitis affected his leg, while was swollen. Since swollen part is gone vet and orthopedist done check ups which I explain at start. If anyone want this boy again to run on his leg and to recover his leg please pledge with text please adding : Dog’s leg operation.

Here is link to shelter where dog is with other four dogs I rescued from streets with donors help : .

Animal shelter is run by Animal welfare organization Lesi and could be found on Facebook :ženje-za-zaštitu-životinja-i-prirode-BAČ-456969281070879/ .




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