Serbia: Attila’s Story – From Wild Stray To Shelter Beauty !

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Attila 6

We first laid eyes on Attila last spring, when he was a stray tom roaming the village but he was extremely distrustful of people and impossible to catch. We tried and put a humane cat trap in a field where he was seen on a few occasions, but he’d never dreamt of getting near a trap, much less entering it, so all of our efforts ended up with a huge failure.

After that he disappeared and we hadn’t seen him in months, although we were notified that various people were running into him from time to time. Unfortunately he was always at a different location, incredibly cautious and he was fleeing at high speed as soon as he saw anyone approaching him.

Finally, after months of waiting, worrying and trying to figure out how to catch the uncatchable one, we received information that he was wandering in a nearby field, so we put a humane cat trap out there for the zillionth time and kept our fingers crossed that he would enter the trap at last. And he did, eventually, although he was hissing, growling and tried his best to break out of the trap, but the steel wire endured his attacks and he was successfully transferred to a larger cage, still furious and utterly unhappy.


Attila 4

Attila 5

His behavior changed drastically when he realized that he had his own cozy cat bed and regular tasty meals; in no time he began to knead his new bed and became as cuddly and sweet as can be.

The vet’s exam showed he was around four of five years old and FIV positive, which is not surprising considering the life he was leading. Anyway, he has been given Interferon since then and now the time is coming for his neutering surgery, which has to be done under inhalation anesthesia, as FIV positive cats are particularly sensitive when it comes to receiving anesthetics. He also needs to be vaccinated against contagious diseases and rabies, as well as microchipped before he can join the other cats.

Would you please consider contributing towards Attila’s expenses?

He will certainly become a magnificent fluffy beauty once he puts on some weight and we’re certain his coat will shine in all of its luxurious, fluffy glory after just some good food, love, care and maybe even a bath.


Attila 2

Attila 1

Attila 3

This new chapter in his life has just begun and with your help, he’ll be getting healthier and more handsome by the day.

Thanks a lot in advance to all of you who are willing and able to help this gorgeous kitty boy become what he was meant to be from the very beginning!








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