Very Disturbing Video Of Conditions For EU Animals At The EU / Turkish Border. The EU System Fails Animals – Politicians And MEP’s Take Note Of What Is Shown; YOU Are The Very Reason For This !

Netherlands  EUUN0001

Further update – 25/2/16.

We have now also submitted copies of the video to all

English, Scottish and Welsh MEP’s.

We are flagging all messages sent so that we can check who is / is not reading our mail.

We really hope that other EU citizens / visitors to this site are also sending copies of the video link to their own MEP(s).

We need pressure to be put on from all areas of the EU, not just the UK and Netherlands.





1074791_944847358931089_2464695890687572665_o (2)

All above photos – Eyes on Animals (NL).


Mark and Lesley have been campaigners and friends in the fight against live animal exports for many years. Lesley is the founder and Director of ‘Eyes on Animals’ who are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Mark and Lesley worked together to produce the 2010 EU report, part of which can be seen in the following:

They have campaigned against live animal exports for many years on several other occasions also.

In the above post, we (SAV) specifically mention the situation for EU animals which are crossing from the EU into Turkey. Some people may not believe us when we say that transporters are stuck on the border for several days and as a result, the animals suffer terribly or die – well now we hope that with the excellent new video from Lesley, actual visual evidence of the conditions and what we have been campaigning about are shown.

Watch the new ‘Eyes on Animals’ video by clicking on the following link – Note it shows extreme animal suffering – the fault of politicians:

Again, and as we have previously said, the EU system for the welfare of animals in transport is NOT working. Who wants to part of an international group of nations called the ‘EU’ which do not take action to prevent this suffering ?

All national political leaders are failing, MEP’s are failing; the EU Commissions are failingin fact the whole bloody system called the ‘EU’ is failing.

‘Eyes on Animals’ web site link =




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