Thailand: SOI Dogs ‘Scooter’ – A Very Happy End For A Dog Who Suffered Terribly.


soi dogs 4

Dear Mark,

I will never forget the shock I felt the first time I laid eyes on Scooter. She was dragging herself along on the ground because both her hind legs had been hacked off. Her spine was broken.

scooter 1

Scooter’s lower body was covered in open, infected sores. They were infested with maggots, indicating that she had been living like this for some time. Her underside was swollen from where she pulled herself along on the ground, leaving her incontinent.

We will never know what happened to Scooter or how she came to lose her back legs. We will never know how long she suffered with her badly broken spine. What I do know is that without people like you, she would not be alive today.

scooter 2

After a few months of treatment at Soi Dog’s shelter, Scooter was adopted by a wonderful lady in the U.S. named Willow. Waving goodbye to her as she left for her new life in New York, I knew this was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Scooter.

Willow took Scooter to meet Dr Frye at Cornell University where work began on a specially constructed cart. Scooter was hesitant the first time she tried to use the cart and just stood there lifting her front legs up and down. And then Willow moved away to the corner of the room and called her.

scooter 3

Scooter took a tentative step forward. Willow called her again. And that was all it took.

In a flash, Scooter suddenly understood what she was supposed to do and there was no stopping her! For the first time in who knows how long, she was walking without having to drag herself on the ground. And then, she was running.

With Dr. Frye guiding her on a lead Scooter ran outside into the warm sunshine. She suddenly recalled what it meant to be able to run. She remembered how it felt to be free!

Please help to rescue more dogs like Scooter and give them the second chance they deserve. By becoming a member of the Emergency Response Team you will be the difference between life and death for so many. To save dogs just like Scooter today, please click here.

Thank you for helping homeless dogs like Scooter find the life they deserve.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation

P.S. Without the generous support of people just like you, Scooter would still be suffering on the streets, if she was even still alive at all. Scooter was saved, but tragically, there are still thousands of dogs who need to be urgently rescued. Only you can make this happen.

Please click here to join the Emergency Response Team today.

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