UK: League Against Cruel Sports Membership Increases By A Massive 30% In Just One Year.

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I am proud to have been a member of the LACS for what ?, some 25 years or more.

Hunting is nothing but very bad news for beautiful animals; and the ban on hunting introduced in the UK over 10 years ago was just the best thing ever.  It is wonderful to see the latest news that membership has increased by a massive 30% in just the last year alone; again supporting and showing the wishes of the vast majority of the British public, that there is only one place for hunting to exist – and that is in the History books !


Above – the result of a Hunters Day Out in Kent – Pre the Ban.

Here below you will find several links to the LACS website showing all areas of their work:

Regards Mark.

Please watch the video featuring Dave Spikey – British comedian:

This is a few years old now, and has been included mainly to show what happened in the past.  In spite of what Dave says in the video (correct at the time it was made), things are now looking good for the anti-hunt campaigners; with political opposition for a return to hunting increasing all the time; even from members of the Conservative Party, who have in the past always been known as a pro-hunt party..


League Membership Has Grown by 30% in the Last Year 

We know that the vast majority of the British public is against hunting, and we are delighted to have seen a huge surge in membership in the past year. The more members we have, the louder our voice and the stronger we stand!

We need as much support as possible – will you consider becoming a League member today?

Check out the following link if you are considering becoming a League member –

LACS Campaigns –

Who are the LACS –

News and Opinion –

Donate to the League –

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