Germany: Circus elephant Mambo and his companion die painfully in the truck

Mambo and his fellow-sufferer are dead

Two agonizing lives have come to an agonizing end: Mambo, who was born around 1983 in the wild and has been abused as a circus clown since his capture, suffocated miserably in a van about 2 weeks ago together with a fellow sufferer whose name was not yet known to us.

This can be seen from current entries in the Elephant database.

Mambo and the elephant cows Tonga, Nanda, Betty, and Kimba (also caught in the wild) have been at the “mercy” of the Casselly family of tamers for years, who force them to perform disgusting tricks in the arena: unforgettable the unspeakable pictures, taken in 2017 in the Karlsruhe Christmas Circus when Mambo pull

Furthermore, he and his fellow sufferers were repeatedly abused during the breaks as mounts and also as springboards.

During the engagement in Reutlinger Christmas Circus 2018/19 Mambo made headlines when he had to pull children on a sled through the snow.

We are shocked by the horrific death of the two elephants. One cannot even imagine the panic that must have filled them.

We mourn the two gray giants and will always keep them in fond memories.

And I mean…The “great gardeners of the forest” are exploited to amuse and increase the attractiveness of circuses. Now the life of Mambo and his companion ends miserably and painfully in a truck on the transport to Hungary.

These incredible animals are being driven around the country, caged and forced to perform, kept in small spaces, deprived of physical and social needs, and trapped in vans for much of the time.

Circus animals are prisoners for life who are forced to perform often painful feats. The elephants know perfectly well that if they disobey they will be in pain.

Without the infliction of pain with an aid such as stun guns or elephant hooks, no elephant would perform these dressage numbers in the arena and certainly not stand up on their hind legs.

By the way, the European Elephant Group found that bulls Mambo has deformed rear legs, which should be noticed by any attentive official veterinarian. And these deformations are based on regularly overloaded joints, tendons, and muscles.

The German Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner was asked by the state ministers to ban the keeping of wild animals in the circus.

But according to media reports, Julia Klöckner has no interest in banning wild animals in the circus.

The Germany Animal Welfare Association speaks of currently more than 300 circuses traveling around Germany in which wild animals are to be pitied.

“We do not need self-appointed stable-police to monitor compliance with animal welfare”.

No, these words do not come from China, where the government criticized animal welfare organizations that used pictures to draw attention to the horrific situations in the slaughterhouses for dogs.
These words also come from the German Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner.

It is shameful and uncivilized that there are still circuses with wild animals, animals at all, and ridiculous wildlife shows in Germany …

My best regards to all, Venus

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