This is Poppy

The meat mafia that produces our meat goes to great lengths to keep the victims invisible from their perpetrators, the consumers.
We do not see the victims of the meat industry, they are essentially invisible.
One look at the truth could endanger the system.

This is a victim of the egg industry.
This victim produces your eggs.

This is Poppy.

Nothing about her matches the myth of the happy chickens from the dirty advertising of the meat mafia.

She has no feathers to preen she is literally skin and bone.
Poppy is a battery hen, living in a cage with a lot of other hens, stands on a wire floor day and night for 18 months.

They have no natural sunlight, no access to the outdoors, or even make a nest lay.

This is allowed by law, animal prisoners live in dark dungeons and are tortured every day as if they had committed a crime.

These perverse, perfidious tortures represent the worst kind of fascism.

Fight this with all means,
otherwise, nothing will change

Regards and good night, Venus


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