England: Ela Josephs.



This is a short line to inform people that Ela Josephs, also known as Elizabeth Kniaz, died in hospital last Saturday – 9th April.

Being a very caring person, Ela and her partner Alana had many rescued animals.  She set up a group called ‘hope for Serbian animals’ – see our past link relating to this at:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2012/10/23/serbia-borkas-cats-help-required-from-ela-with-facebook-page-can-you-help-e-mail-contact-detail-given/ 

Below is a photo of their dog ‘Bally’, a rescued greyhound from Ireland, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep just 2 days before the loss of Ela due to a cancerous growth on the leg, which was causing limping and other problems.


We thank Ela for her care and compassion and her devotion to helping animals in Serbia and elsewhere.



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