USA: Stop Congress From Crippling the Endangered Species Act.


Stop Congress From Crippling the Endangered Species Act

The wildlife protection laws for more than 40 years.

Yet, this Congress has pushed more than 80 legislative proposals to dramatically reduce protections for imperiled wildlife protected under the Endangered Species Act.

If adopted, these measures would weaken the act and thus undermine the conservation of endangered wildlife for decades to come. Big polluting industries, including the hydropower industry, have teamed up with their allies in Congress to try to roll back protections for wildlife, fish, and their habitats, claiming that regulations under the Endangered Species Act will increase costs for consumers or force businesses like mining operations to close.

Do you want to use your voice to help protect fish, wildlife, and our natural heritage?

Join American Rivers in urging Congress to oppose all efforts to weaken the Endangered Species Act.


Petition Link:

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