Serbia: Felix Shelter news 2/6/16.

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felix cartoon 2


Unfortunately Ian is a lot sicker than we thought. Other than a hairline fracture of the lumbar spine and an air rifle pellet close to the lungs, he also has severe hemoplasma and feline herpes virus.

We’re supposing the recent injury to his spine was the trigger to the weakening of his immune system and all of the health issues he’s currently experiencing are just a consequence. He’s been receiving IV fluids for hours every single day, the vet is giving him two different antibiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and only now, after almost a week of aggressive treatment, is he beginning to show some improvement.

He is FIV positive, thus not expected to make a speedy recovery, but we hope he is finally on the mend even though the vet refuses to give any prognosis.

Clearly Ian is not out of the woods just yet. Please help us cover the rapidly increasing costs of his treatment! Ian is extraordinarily brave, cuddly and as sweet as they come. He definitely deserves every chance we can give him!

Ian 1

Ian 2

Ian 3


Niki was operated on a couple of days ago and everything went well. She will have her stitches taken out in about two weeks’ time.

niki 1

niki 2

She’s wearing an Elizabethan collar right now (which she hates, of course) but she has a good appetite and behaves normally, although she’s maybe a little grumpier than usual 😉

niki 3

niki 4



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