England: SAV Write To Very Good Animal Welfare MEP On The EU In Out Referendum Today – See More Below.


23/6/16 – well voting has now commenced in the UK regarding its future in or out of the EU.

Reporting restrictions have been enforced until the polls close at 10pm tonight.  A result should be known by breakfast time (or soon after) on 24/6/16.

We have had several mails from Members of the European Parliament (MEP) who want us to remain in the EU and inform us how fantastic the EU is for animals welfare.  There are some issues (cosmetics and seal fur for example) where EU wide legislation has made a difference.

But UK groups have fought, are fighting, and will continue to fight for animal welfare improvements ANYWHERE whether the UK is in or out of the EU – and that is a simple fact.

Many UK major groups have histories which go back to being formed 100 years ago or more – pre EU days; so we are not going to pack our bags and go home to watch the tv now.  The campaigns continue regardless; in or out.

On a more personal / group level, we are really not witnessing anything positive for animals in transport, or for Serbian animals when it comes to the future and what the EU could do for them.  Hopefully we have shown this a bit over the past 11 years on this site.  For example, the situation for live EU animals being exported to Turkey is disgusting; and we feel for Lesley that her meeting with the EU Commission did not go a lot better last week.

Good EU citizens in their thousands (millions for live export 8 hours) want change; but the non elected EU Commissioners say ‘no’ – so that’s how it remains; the wishes of one person as opposed to the wishes of several million.

8 hours logo


8 hours – The petition

At the heart of this campaign is a petition calling for an end to long-distance transport and a reduction of the maximum overall journey time to 8 hours. Organisations large and small as well as many committed individuals all over Europe helped to collect signatures.

The petition was handed in to Brussels in June 2012, signed by 1,103,248 EU citizens.

The EU is out of touch with the real world.  On the following link you will find Mark’s new letter to Alan Smyth MEP (in Scotland) regarding our views on the e mail he sent to us asking us to ‘remain in for animals’.  Lets be clear – Mr Smith is a very GOOD animal welfare person who works hard for welfare.  He is an MEP, but for UK membership we cannot agree with him on how brilliant the EU has been for animals.  We hope that Mark’s letter makes this fairly clear.

We have sent our response to Alan Smyth, but do not expect a reply soon as he is obviously very busy with referendum work.  We have in this instance a difference of opinion, but we can still work together for improvements for animals (in our outside of the EU) and we can still have full respect for each other.  It just happens that in this current case, we do not agree with what the EU has done.

Regards – for the animals – Mark


Please see my latest letter here:

Alyn Smith





2 Responses

  1. The Human Liberation from the EU has started!

    The German Chancellor is outraged.
    Who would have thought?
    The loss of her strongest partner is reality.
    And when all this was not bad enough, Cameron, her faithful servant, announces his resignation.
    The dirty German media already starts the day with catastrophe reports: the Dax falls by ten percent off! The market is about to crash!
    As if the average citizen would have made a gain in the DAX ever make a profit.
    The Netherlands sign indirectly as the next exit candidate and Norway also looks not good.
    Merkel made a statement, calling the 27 EU Member States “to analyze and evaluate the situation with calm and reason”.
    The number 27 is only on paper, because the three mighty already met.
    “The EU is strong enough” ends the Chancellor her favorite “1001 – Nights” tales for useful idiots.

    We, who fight for the rights of animals, tried to help EU.
    We have given her time, we have shown tolerance and understanding, when and where the lengthy processes have demanded it.
    We have been waiting for a response years, we have given EU time.
    We got in response indifference, ignorance, contempt.
    Certainly are thousands of people who voted for the Brexit, the same people who signed for the 8hours campaign.
    They feel betrayed, cheated and exploited by the EU.

    The EU has understood after the Brexit that we have lost confidence in it.
    And it has done everything that this confidence finally disappears.
    Our struggle for exploited, suffering, mistreated animals has been ignored and betrayed.
    The suffering of animals, especially the “livestock”, proves in transports, in slaughterhouses, on farms, that the EU has no right to exist.
    It is the Hangman of the animals.

    Brexit has been just the beginning.
    There will be other as well, and they come soon!
    The time of useful idiots is over.

    • Regardless of the City, the stock exchange etc, the money takers, today many people in the UK are very happy. They have ditched the no use mob of the EU, and the people of the UK start to feel that they have taken control again of the country they lost to the un elected diplomats of the EU. Today is UK Independence Day, and as you say Venus, Brexit has been just the beginning. We know today that other nations are already questioning what the EU is all about – that is why the EU wants to rid the UK quickly from the club and do it before the leave virus takes root in many other states. Why is the EU worried ? – they lose the UK but they will soon gain Serbia just as Comm. Hahn wants.

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