China (Again): The Despair Of The Circus Animals – Petition To Sign.


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Dear animal lovers,

as of today we also have an english translation to our petition “Stop the  torture of wild animals in Suzhou/China” 

We need 10.000 signatures in order to have success with this important petition. 
Please sign the petition as well if you didn’t do so until now – and spread it all over the world. Wherever you have your contacts please send this petition to other animal lovers ! 

It’s also very welcome if you do a post at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and websites ! 

Lets do this for this poor and outrageously tortured wild animals who have no protection and no voice ! 

Lets be their voice !! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help ! 

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Best regards

Ingrid Fechner

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3 Responses

  1. This world does not work according to the principle of justice.
    No one gives us the right to keep animals in farms and slaughter them as if they just ware bags of potatoes.
    And yet, we do it.
    No one gives us the right torturing to death animals in experiments laboratories because some criminal idiot want to make career and money.
    And yet, we do it.

    The list of crimes against animals is infinite.
    This list gets longer every day, for this 7 billion people on this planet are to blame.
    All those who eat meat, wear fur, go to the circus, consume drugs, are “second hand” criminals!
    They participate in a system that consists only of torture, blood, murder.
    It is the system of exploitation of the weak, of the powerless, of the animals.

    Against this medieval system some Knights of the Renaissance are fighting: These are the animal rights activists, the animal advocates, animal campaigners, animal ethicist..
    We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
    For all these people even worse than the suffering of animals is the fact, that this system is not easy to eliminate.
    And certainly not today or tomorrow.
    Therefore, we have learned over the years to make small steps, to focus our fight on important changes and to live with small victories.
    We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
    But none of us knows, how we can make the abolition of the slaughterhouses, the fur farms, the chemistry laboratories.

    We rescue animals at the place where and when it is feasible, we take part in demonstrations against fur farms, we inform the people with letters, mails, roads actions ….
    Some courageous liberate animals from laboratories or destroying hunting facilities …
    But all, all who have the experience in this field, know that only a miracle can change this suffering and misery.
    This experience says also, that we have to fight anyway.
    Even if we could save a few animals from the brutal dog meat trade in S. Korea, or some wild animals in Suzhou/China Circus” the fight is worthwhile!

    Animal welfare has never worked under the method “all or nothing”.
    Because if we want all or nothing, then we end up mostly to nothing!

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