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Mark –

Bad news for the Kemp’s ridley.

The common-sense proposal to expand the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is being opposed by both the fishing industry and oil and gas companies.

Sea turtles have been under constant threat in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years. They need a break.

Can you make a tax-deductible donation today so I can fight to expand the sanctuary?

Shouldn’t a small piece of the oceans be set aside for sea turtles, dolphins, and whales?

If we can raise $5,000 by this Friday, I can be a strong voice for the sea turtles.


Joanie Steinhaus, Director, Gulf Coast
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – Over recent years, the numbers of nesting Kemp’s ridley sea turtles have dangerously dropped. Please click this secure link to make a gift today so we can protect these gentle heart-shaped animals.


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SAV Comment   – we have donated today as we feel that protection for those that survive in the oceans is paramount – be they whales; polar bears or turtle hatchlings.  Please join us today – SAV

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Thank you for your donation!

Your support will help Turtle Island’s work to bring back the world’s sea turtles and sharks, and California’s wild salmon, from the brink of extinction.

We accomplish our mission through grassroots and policy-maker education, consumer empowerment, strategic litigation and by promoting sustainable local, national and international watershed and marine policies.

You can do more for marine wildlife right now by taking action and joining us on Facebook. We hope you’ll share our work with your friends!



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Join us at Cocos Island Aug 19-31 on a scientific research expedition to protect sharks and sea turtles! Over the course of 12 days and 20+ dives you’ll be catching and tagging turtles, counting sharks, and deploying underwater listening devices.

Recent dives at Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica have found incredibly abundant sharks, rays and other marine wildlife thanks to the La Nina weather event.  Check out this recent Trip Report from July 11-23 and view the amazing wildlife video.

Help Turtle Island Restoration Network conduct diver-assisted research to protect sharks, whales and sea turtles from illegal fishers invading these protected waters. Price includes all meals & accommodations on the well-appointed Sea Hunter liveaboard. Your share of research costs? $6,075 US including all fees! This price includes a $1,300 discount.

Our expeditions travel aboard the Undersea Hunter’s vessels, with a wonderful crew, fresh meals, and spacious accommodations. Your share of the research trip costs may be tax deductible for US citizens.

For more information, click here. Feel free to contact me at info@tirn.net or 1-800-859-7283 with any questions.

I hope you can join us for this crucial research expedition!


Todd Steiner



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