Act Now.

Slaughterhouse petition

Yes, often it is the question – are you getting the message across ?.  But that is the way you are and you make every effort to promote whatever it is that you believe in. For animals in factory systems it is still the ‘Eternal Treblinka’ – but now with modern day technology we have the freedom to expose the wrongdoings immediately and to ask supporters to act.  That is what we will do – the abusers can hide for only so long !  The suffering that was hidden in the dim and distant past is now being exposed in its full gore – it is now up to people to change it for the better – now, immediately, forever !



Once you’ve transform the 7 billion corpse-eater to vegan,
once you’ve converted all slaughterhouses and farms to botanical gardens,
once you’ve freed all laboratory and fur animals out of their cages,
write us again, and tell us how you did it.

Until then, we will not wait.
We will continue with our small steps, and save every day so many animals that we can save.
We also dream about the day of total liberation, but for the animals the “every-day-Liberation” is more useful than waiting for the Messiah.

Because only by the calendar we are in the 21st century.
For the animals is still the Middle Ages.

worth it

vegan go vegan


One Response

  1. Thanks.We act hard everry day.
    And again: Animal welfar movement is very harm to Animal righ movement ,harm to animals and harm to humans and it is useful for profiters only. Unfortunatelly this is true.If I be animal, I do not want welfare but just want my natural rights be back .And like a human I want that authorities stop teach me about meat-milk-eggs food as useful ones because that food kill me, and scientists kill me with conclussions of experiments on the animals.Every use animals is Abuse, harm to all, useful for abusers.Of course that I help every animal in need, that is beyond concurentions ,but baseline of our actions to government is : animal rights be returned, and not by building pictor about ‚‚happy cows milk ‚‚, ‚‚happy meat‚‚, happy milk‚‚, ‚‚happy eggs ‚‚ ‚‚happy lab animals‚‚ , ‚‚happy ill humans who are rescued thankfully experiments on the animals ‚‚ etc- hypocritical lies made by profiters.I think does not matter whether they are big or small steps – every step could be important , rather than whether they are in the right direction at the last. .

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