Brazil: Government Plans To Approve 40 Mega Dams In Amazon Rainforest – Deadly For Flora and Fauna.



Para marcar o Dia Internacional das Florestas (21 de março), lideranças Munduruku foram até um trecho do rio Tapajós considerado sagrado pelo povo para passar um recado para o mundo: “Mantenham o Rio Tapajós vivo”. Segurando faixas em diversas línguas, eles protestaram, ao lado de ativistas do Greenpeace, contra a construção de barragens no rio que sustenta sua cultura e modo de vida. Ao todo, há 43 grandes hidrelétricas previstas para a bacia do Tapajós, sendo cinco já planejadas. A maior delas é a de São Luiz do Tapajós, próxima a Itaituba, no Pará, que, se construída, vai afetar a vida de povos indígenas e ribeirinhos, além de destruir uma área de intensa biodiversidade na Amazônia. Terra Indígena Sawré Muybu - Itaituba, Pará. 18/03/2016. Foto: Fábio Nascimento/Greenpeace. Greenpeace Brazil activists have joined forces with Munduruku Indigenous leaders to protest the Brazilian government's plans to build a mega dam on the Tapajós river, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest in the Pará state.Using traditional canoes, activists have joined the Munduruku on a sacred part of the Tapajós River to send a clear message to the world: "Damn the dam. Keep the Tapajós river alive". Together, they unfurled a 20X30 meter banner on the river demanding an end to the São Luiz do Tapajós dam. The protest celebrates the International Day of Forest, on March 21st. Sawré Muybu Indigenous Land - Itaituba, Pará, Brazil. 18/03/2016. Photo: Fábio Nascimento/Greenpeace.

Dear Mark,

The Amazon rainforest is under threat. The Brazilian government want to grant permission for over 40 destructive mega dams to be built right through the heart of the forest. This could completely drown endangered wildlife, and displace thousands of Indigenous Peoples.

In order to build one single dam, greedy corporations must also destroy hundreds of kilometres of fragile rainforest for roads, workers’ housing and construction work. Multiply this by 42 and you can see how the levels of devastation will be catastrophic.

Will you help us save the Amazon from destructive dams Mark with a regular gift?

We must act now to stop these dams from going ahead. We need to increase surveillance in the Amazon so we can photograph dam destruction and gather the evidence we need to lobby big business. We need to keep up the pressure on global brands such as Siemens* so they can see how toxic this project is, and agree not to get involved. But we can’t do this alone, we need your help. 

dam 2

Will you help fund our campaign with a regular gift? It takes just two minutes to do:

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Government and big industry see this as a massive business opportunity. Global companies like Siemens* are in a reckless pursuit for profit and have no consideration for the destruction their involvement will cause.

We can and will stop mega dams from destroying the Amazon.

Thanks for everything you do.

Jennifer Douglas,

Forests Team – Greenpeace UK


dam 3





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