Mexico: Petition – Ban Dogfighting Throughout Mexico.


Fight dogfighting in Mexico

mexico dogfighter

Dear Mark,

Dogfighting is a gruesome spectacle that pits one dog against another—forcing them to fight until they are seriously injured or worse.

This is a highly unpopular event in Mexico entangled with dangerous people and organized crime. In dogfighting there is no winner. The losing dog is often killed—by his opponent or by his owner— and the “victorious” animal often dies from wounds sustained during the fight.

Please stand with us today by signing our petition to ban dogfighting throughout Mexico »

While dogfighting is banned in several Mexican states, there is no federal law that explicitly prohibits it and it is not typified in the federal criminal code. Not only is this tragic for Mexico, but even in areas where dogfighting is outlawed like the U.S., American-based dogfighters will come to Mexico to participate and avoid law enforcement.

It’s time to stop the relocation of dogfighting and instead put an end to this cruelty.




With your help, we hope to pass legislation that criminalizes dogfighting at the federal level while encouraging people to use our tip line to report suspicious activity. We also plan to train local law enforcement to respond effectively to these reports.

Please lend your voice to these innocent dogs by calling for an end to dogfighting in Mexico »

Together, let’s work to ensure that this terrible competition is banned and that strict penalties are enforced.

Thank you for all you do to help animals.

Sincerely, Anton Aguilar

Executive Director Humane Society International/Mexico



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