Serbia: Disturbing Abuse – Criminal Charge – But Will Authorities And EU Actually Do Anything ?

Serbian Flag

There are some very disturbing images in the attached PDF document – click on the link in Blue below.

We would hope the Serbian authorities will act on the information provided, but experience from the past tells us not to hold our breath too much.


Krivicna prijava, Konji i druge zivotinje u Jagodini,kod Slobodana Milosevica, 22.08.2016._


And the EU Enlargement Commission ? – just the same.

And yet they tell us that Serbia is a ‘candidate country’ (for membership) which means that it should be showing that it is applying ‘the rule of law’.

We are sending the charge to the EU anyway – but expect nothing in return.

Iz kancelarije EPAR-a dostavljena je Prijava OJT -u, RVI I PU Jagodina.

This  is  charge against person who still did  do the same crimes , torture animals  in opposite to Serbian laws , still long time , because  he was inadequately punished – opposite to Serbian laws , he repeats  a  criminal acts.

Regards Slavica



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