Tales From South America (By Venus).



I was in a distant country, in South America. I wanted to visit friends.

The supermarket, where this photo was taken, was a great one and had everything to sell!

Suddenly my eye falls on this chamber of horrors. Department “meat”! It was not all as neat as in the picture when I saw the heads.

One was perched, one other tipped down, the third one was behind and not be seen.

Altogether there were five heads.

I stay in front of the glass and look in.

Motionless, I cannot believe it! The butcher comes and asks what I want. A photo, I say, can I take pictures of the pig heads? Of course, he said, and begins to arrange the heads. The image must be “beautiful”, he says. He tries, which head to the right, which left.

The chunks of meat disturb a bit, he says, they are not “beautiful” and make the picture bad. Gradually other people gather around me, they like the idea of taking pictures, they smile and make comments.

The cruel sight of the dead, still bleeding heads of creatures does not seem to touch them.

A few years ago this would be inconceivable. Today the farm industry no longer needs to protect the corpse consumers, because it knows: the apathy of modern man is secure.

Suddenly, the security personnel appear. “Photography is prohibited”, they say, and they want to immediately deleting the picture.

I save myself and my picture with great effort, and leave the supermarket.

Photographing murder victim has been banned, but its murder does not!

That is the prevailing morality of a society which every day fed by the suffering and the blood of animals.

A society that lives on the edge of the moral minimum.

A society of cretins.

Every time I look at this photo, I think:

Death is a master from a world without empathy.


And regards to you, dear Mark.


meat free


And before maybe ……

pig brazil

Above – intensive system – South America.

pig 2

pig 3

pig 4

Life ? – or a slow death ?

click 1


As Mozza says:

morrisey 2Morrissey-001morrisey



vegan go vegan


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