England: ‘Animals Are Not Freight’ – Global Day of Action – 29/8. Read on For More.


animals not freight

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Just a few days to go now until 29/8 – and the ‘animals are not freight’ day of action.

On August 29th 2016, campaigners from at least 30 countries will be taking action against long distance animal transport.


Read a lot more on this campaign and get involved with many global action events by visiting  http://www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/live-animal-transport/take-action/


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If you are near London, please find out more about our event in Parliament Square and tell us you can join us.

Otherwise check out the events in 40+ countries on our Day of Action map at www.NotFreight.org.

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You will also find online events to participate in as well as resources to help you get involved in the Day of Action wherever you are.



·         Tell European Commissioners to act and stop exports from the EU to non-EU countries

eu crisis 2

When EU animals are exported to countries outside the EU anything can happen to them. They can end up exported to volatile war-zones and face brutal slaughter. The EU must take responsibility for these animals.


Petition 2

·         Sign the petition against live exports to countries outside the EU

As long as live exports are allowed to continue, Europe’s most vulnerable farm animals will suffer unimaginably at the hands of the live exports industry. Sign our petition today and help stop this trade.

Liza and Mark - Dover



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animals not freight


live ex ship

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EOA Turkey 2

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PMAF Inv 5

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Protect Me – Take Action on 29th – Thank You.






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