England: Yogi Took A Ride In A Bed Delivery Truck – And Should Not Have ! – Have You Seen Him ?


missing cat


Please could you circulate this:

The cat in the image, named Yogi, went missing from his home in Raleigh Close, Gravesend, after climbing into the back of a Bensons for Beds delivery van on Thursday morning.

The van driver went on to Beltana Drive Gravesend, then Rochester and Dartford to make further deliveries, unaware that he had an extra passenger. (It was only after Yogi  did not appear at home that the CCTV was checked and showed him jumping into the van.)

Yogi is microchipped and has a tag with his name on it.

He is 5 years old, a large silver-grey tabby with a white belly, chin and socks.

He is very friendly.

Anyone with information please call Mrs Gifford on 07412 502044


Beth xx