Costa Rica: 15,000 Signature Petition To Save Sharks Handed In To President.

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Today we took a big step forward in our campaign to stop the needless killing of silky sharks.

Together with our partner organizations, we hand delivered 15,000 signatures to the offices of the President of Costa Rica (and tomorrow to those of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua) to use their influence to end this travesty.

Silky sharks are being caught and killed by industrial fishing conglomerates in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

This shark’s population is in a downward spiral. This needs to stop!

Thanks to everyone who signed or shared the petition.

Knowing 15,000 caring people are in my corner will make me fight that much harder on behalf of the sharks and oceans when I arrive in South Africa in a few days for the CITES (Convention on the Trades in Endangered Species) meeting.

I’ll be working with my team to urge delegates to help silky sharks win greater protections. Before it’s too late.

Thanks for being on the side of the sharks!

Randall Arauz, International Policy Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The battle is far from over. Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution today to give sharks a fighting chance. If we win, we can make history.


Great News – Europe’s Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban Has Been Saved.

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Dear Mark,

For the last 2 years, our expert legal team has been working behind the scenes to save Europe’s cosmetics animal testing ban. And you’ll be delighted to hear their hard work has today paid off.

A powerful cosmetics industry body* had been trying to jeopardise your ban in the UK and European courts. They wanted to swerve the ban by using animal tests allowed under other European or overseas legislation for the cosmetics they sell in the UK and EU.

Clearly this makes a mockery of the EU ban which together we campaigned so hard to achieve for animals.

Thanks to our unique expertise, our legal team was able to leap into action and we were the only NGO given permission to intervene to stop them in their tracks.

And today the European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of common sense, making it harder for companies to sell cosmetics in the UK and EU if they have been animal tested elsewhere in the world.

Mark, isn’t it staggering that some parts of the cosmetics industry are still arguing they should be allowed to use animals in cruel and painful tests?

We don’t always shout about the life-saving work we’re doing behind the scenes for animals. And we don’t always ask for your help to fund it. But our small team of experts is here, working around the clock on your behalf to help the animals languishing in laboratories.

We never forget them. You can remember them too by making a donation today.


Cruelty Free International was formerly the BUAV

– The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

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