England: David Smith – A person we have watched for years – Now Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud.



Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud


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Having been involved with live animal export investigations for some 25+ years, we are very familiar with Vet David Smith; as he was one of the principal vets involved with the live animal export trade out of Kent Channel ports going back into the 1990’s.  We demonstrated outside of his clinic for many years in the past. 

His actions then involving the very quick checks on animals going for export were questioned by some of us; but at the time our evidence and complaints were not listened to.  He was a ‘vet’ and we were not; so he was better than us, such was the opinion of Defra (then MAFF).

Well after all these years we have been proven right.  Such a shame that Smith was regarded by Defra as some kind of ‘supervet’ for years and years; approving live animal exports at almost every shipment.

Well now we have seen the real side of Smith – but the question is, for how long, and involving what other animals in the past have his actions covered up dirty dealings ?








You could say that finally, justice has been done ! – SAV.





USA: Defenders of Wildlife Reach Financial Target for Future Actions.


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Dear Mark,

Thanks to you and other generous wildlife lovers, we reached our match target of $175,000!

I am grateful beyond words.

Please be assured your generous donations, along with the match funds, are hard at work in the courts, in the field and here in Washington, D.C., ensuring that we leave future generations a world filled with wildlife.

The threats are great. The stakes are high. We can never ever give up.

But with friends like you, I am confident that we can save the imperiled animals we all love.

With deepest appreciation,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife


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England: Somerset & Glos. badger culls are unlicenced & illegal.


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Somerset & Glos badger culls are unlicenced & illegal.

Posted on September 2, 2016 by admin

Information on the seven new areas and authorisation letters for all ten areas can be found on this link.

Whilst you will find the licences for the seven new areas on that gov website link, what you won’t see is the licences for W.Gloucestershire or W.Somerset, both were granted in 2012 Gloucestershires was granted on 17th September 2012 and was valid until 30th November 2015:

W.Somerset licence was issued the following month on 4th October 2012 with the same end date of 30th November 2015

Of course Natural England can extend the licence for an extra period of time to cover this year, but they have issued no such extension.

We must assume until Natural England issue an extension or a new licence that all culling is unlawful, if you find a cage set to trap anywhere in the county of Gloucestershire or Somerset you must assume it is set to illegally trap badgers.

Consider taking it into the police station and reporting the land owner. Better still, just trash it. The same goes for shooters, consider locking any gates with a shooter in the field and reporting immediately to the police.

Unlawful badger culling is a serious criminal offence.




Brian May’s Save Me Trust to Challenge Lawfulness of Badger Cull Licences

“Lawyers instructed by the Save Me Trust have today written to the Chief Executive and the Chief Legal Advisor of Natural England warning them that if any licences to cull badgers are either activated in Gloucestershire and Somerset or any new licences granted for this purpose anywhere, then the lawfulness of the decisions to do so will be challenged by a Judicial Review in the High Court.

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 vets against cull


Natural England have confirmed that they will not consider any new scientific evidence before rubber-stamping new authorizations to cull badgers.

In response to a detailed 12-point scientific challenge from 27 veterinary professionals, which had urged Natural England to examine the science, ethics and probity of badger culling before making the decision to roll out more culls, the acting Chief Executive of Natural England, Guy Thompson, replied:

“We would like to take this opportunity to underline Natural England’s role in the Government’s bTB eradication strategy, which is to support it through the issuing and administering of licences to cull and vaccinate badgers. In carrying out this licensing work we have regard to guidance from Government, which is derived from its bTB and badger control policy and supplementary evidence-based advice from Defra’s Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser.”

He added: “Enquiries relating to the Government’s policy, the efficacy of the cull and future roll- out should be directed to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.”

The first author of the letter from veterinary professionals, Dr Iain McGill, said: “Natural England are behaving like Pontius Pilate – washing their hands of their responsibilities whilst badgers are set to be crucified. NE have directed us towards Defra and the Chief Veterinary Officer for discussion of ‘evidence-based’ material, but we have repeatedly challenged the Chief Veterinary Officer and those vets within the profession who support badger culling, to a public debate. This offer still stands, but we quite understand the reluctance of opponents to debate with us in public, given the amount of scientific evidence now accumulating in our favour.”

“I am disappointed that Natural England have not answered any of our 12 concerns, and I have replied to Guy Thompson at Natural England in respect of one of my most serious concerns, requesting sight of the Disease Risk Analysis for the pilot badger culls, which should have been completed before the project commenced, as per recommendations by the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Our group will also contact Defra in order to further discuss our evidence-based concerns as he suggests.”

Iain McGill added: “In the absence of either a formal Disease Risk Analysis or an environmental impact assessment, it is hard to see how Natural England can legally issue badger cull licences at the current time. There are so many questions hanging over this policy, not only from our veterinary group, but also from the threat of legal action by Save Me, that the Government really would be better off cutting their losses and implementing alternatives. We stand ready to assist Government or other interested parties in formulating ethical, evidence-based and efficacious dairy policy, which would protect industry, cattle, wildlife and consumers.”

Caroline Lucas MP said: “It’s time for the Government to end the cruel, inhumane and wasteful badger cull. There needs to be investment in evidence-based strategies to tackle bovine TB – including vaccination and improved biosecurity. But instead of exploring these alternatives, and finding humane and effective solutions, millions of pounds have been wasted and we are no further forward in helping farmers. I hope this legal challenge brings an end to the cull and marks the start of serious exploration of better alternatives. ”


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Get all the latest news and info at  http://www.teambadger.org/47-latest-news/226-badgers-set-to-be-crucified-as-natural-england-wash-their-hands  


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If a government has interest to keep the farmer Mafia satisfied, then every government turns into animal killers. Because the farmer in England mean that the badgers are to blame for bovine tuberculosis, the government arranges a mass murder. The fact that the disease comes from the mass held cows and not from badgers, is not important for the farmer. He looks for years to the badger as the scapegoat. The government as well.

They have killed badgers for many years now, but the disease is rampant even further.

Actually badgers are among the most popular wild animals in the UK. Most Britons have a heart for badgers from an early age. But just at the farmers out in the country he was never really popular.

As the “sonny boy” David Cameron with the Conservatives came to power in March 2010, he allowed the farmers direct shooting of badgers. Cameron was by tradition on the side of the farmers. The farmers have the costs, the government has taken command of the mass murder. For everyone involved, it was the cheapest way of killing.

Other EU countries such as Germany have defeated the bovine tuberculosis decades ago, without playing the executioner of suspected carriers. Instead, they made regular skin tests and consistent emergency slaughter. The hypocritical method to kill badgers, ostensibly to protect cattle from the pathogen is not new in England. Another new feature is the moral thinking in the UK population. New and strong. The authority has not expected that.

This time everything looks a bit different. New government, many protests, strong support from the wildlife scene.

We hold our breath and the hand of the British activists.




Indonesia: A Nations Greed For Illegal Palm Oil ‘Kicks Back’; But Innocent Animals Die As A Result.


Indonesian military personnel spray water on a burned forest area at Rimbo Panjang Village, Kampar, Riau, Indonesia on Aug. 6. 2015.

Indonesian military personnel spray water on a burned forest area at Rimbo Panjang Village, Kampar, Riau, Indonesia on Aug. 6. 2015.



 SAV Comment – the greed of man for that thing called ‘money’ is once again destroying this planet.  We care that the animals are being killed – consumed by the fires started illegally.  Indonesia is now paying the price big time for its lack of controls of the trade and allowing this to happen for illegal Palm Oil production when it should have instead been encouraging tourism to its country for people to see and photograph beautiful animals; many of which are now dead due to Indonesian mans greed.  We shed no tears for them – one could argue that they are now getting what they deserve.  The animals – they do NOT deserve this.  Around for millions of years; destroyed and killed in months because of greed.


As we speak, Indonesia is burning out of control. Just two days ago, the country declared an emergency, as hundreds of forest fires swept across the land.

These fires are being illegally lit to make way for palm oil and other plantations, clearing out swathes of forest and carbon-rich peatlands. And with that, critically endangered orangutans, elephants, and tigers are swallowed up.





This palm oil ends up on our supermarket shelves and is in almost everything we consume.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve already made serious inroads: big brands like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and a dozen of others have adopted responsible palm oil policies after campaigning by the SumOfUs community and our partners.

But there’s so much more work to do. If we’re going to help stop Indonesia burning, we need to force PepsiCo, Tyson Foods (maker of Sara Lee desserts), and other companies to clean up their palm oil supply chains now. And we can only do this with a commitment from you.

The fires in Indonesia are so bad that the government has ordered schools be shut. Pollution levels are hazardous. Indonesia, as well as its neighbours, Singapore and Malaysia, are now being blanketed in a toxic, thick smog.

Firefighters are working around the clock, and even the military has been brought in to put out the fires.

These fires are not new: they happened last year, and they were the worst on record. Thousands of people and countless animals died; cities across South East Asia were covered in smog for weeks; half a million people were hospitalised; and 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon — equivalent to what Brazil produces in a year — was released into the atmosphere.

We have the power to decide whether history will repeat itself year after year, or whether we put a stop to it now — if you can chip in now! 

Chip in £13 now
Chip in £19 now
Chip in £26 now
Chip in another amount

If you make a donation today, we can instantly ramp up the pressure on companies like PepsiCo and Tyson Foods, using strategic tactics like brand-jamming on social media, on-the-ground organising, and ad buys.

In a few weeks, we’ll be paying a visit to Pepsi’s headquarters in New York, representing the voices of hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members like you. And if we can raise enough money, we’ll run radio ads in the area so it definitely can’t escape our demands.

When we stand together, we are powerful enough to take on the biggest, baddest corporations in the world. But all of this starts with members like you, making a small donation of whatever you can afford to make protecting Indonesia’s rainforests possible. 

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul and the team at SumOfUs


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2 Important Petitions – Please Sign and Pass On To Contacts.

2 important petitions – please sign and pass on to all your contacts.  Thanks – SAV.


Man Who Bit Cat’s Head Should be Banned from Owning Animals

The owner of a sweet cat named Pippa viciously attacked her and bit her head so severely, poor Pippa had to be euthanized. Video footage shows the insane level of violence this poor cat endured.

Please help keep other animals from becoming victims by demanding that this man face a lifetime ban on owning animals.


Stop Using Baby Calves for Bullfights in Spain

In a small town in Spain, baby bulls are thrown into the arena to fight off grown men with swords. These babies do not even have fully grown horns to defend themselves.

Sign this petition and demand a stop to this barbaric “sport.”