Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6/9/16. Breaking News and Pictures – Authorities Have Until 8/9 To Clean Up; Or We Then Take Further Action.



Update 8/9 – there is now further (and hopefully positive) updates to what has been happening during 8/9 – please go to the following for the latest news – Thank – SAV.


Out original data is as follows:

Bosnia and Herzegovina –  6/9/16.

Update 8/9 – despite objections we have had no response from the B&H officials.  Therefore later today (8/9) we will be publishing all their e mail addresses so that you can write to them directly – and flood their inbox.

Hi Mark,

 this is  our official Request  to veterinary  inspection  ,  ask for  copies of  documentation by   which  we can see what  they did do  after our Urgent Charge with a proof.

Now , Cantonal veterinary inspection, Sarajevo   has 15 days  for sending  to us a  copies – evidences  about what they  did do. If they   will not send  , we will send an appeal to Commissioner for public information.




DOPUNA Zahteva za info   tačkom 3. Dostavite kopiju Programa kontrole i smanjenja  broja neodgovornih držalaca pasa i mačaka u gradu Sarajevo, koji  se može zvati i  Program kontrole i smanjenja populacije napuštenih pasa i mačaka, ali su mere i sankcije usmerene na ljude: držaoce životinja  ,jer  životinje nisu aktivni pravni subjekti i nima  propisi ne nalažu, nego njihovim držaocima i firmama koje se bave životinjama..

SAV Comment – we have copies of this documentation.


We have just had these pictures in.  Hadzici is a community in Sarajevo city.

It would seem that these dogs are due to be killed as they are termed to be ‘aggressive’.  We have very serious concerns once again about corruption taking power over animal welfare.

We need to see major changes to the situation by the authorities by the morning of 8/9; otherwise we will publish all the e mail contact details that we hold of the people concerned – and then they can be deluged by mails from you.

We wish to see all the dogs saved; fed a lot and the facility very much cleaned up from the disgusting state which it is in at this time; and which can be seen in the photographs.  If we find any of the dogs have been killed we will be taking further action.



We are immediately sending this post and ALL the photographs to the Enlargement Commission of the EU, as it is clear from the photographs that B&H are not enforcing adequate animal welfare legislation, and as such are not worthy of becoming future members of the EU.

We will remind the EU Enlargement Commission of this.  Good EU member states are now leaving the EU and they are being replaced by corrupt states as we have identified for years now.  This situation is no different.

We are holding back on e mail contact details for now but unless we see major improvements by 8/9; and the photographic and other proof sent to our contacts, we will then release the contact info.

Just look at the conditions in the following pictures – and the state of the floor covered in excrement.  Authorities have until 8/9 to clean up and feed all the animals or we will be taking the next stage of our action.














It must be noted that B&H is not a modern nation of Europe that recognises that sterilisation of animals is the way to reduce numbers. Like Serbian politicians, they only want to kill, with no overall long term view to reducing animal numbers.

B&H  has a law which DOES allow the killing of healthy but unwanted dogs. 

Sterilisation would not even produce these dogs in the first place; but B&H politicians don’t seem to understand the basics.  Maybe they want to put the money elsewhere – it is called ‘corruption’ by a lot.

Mass animal killing by law is allowed in B&H.  The EU must decide on accepting this type of policy and the massive backlash which it will get as a result.  

We also understand that the EU does not care about animal welfare, as the last 6 year evidence given to the EU over live animals to Turkey has resulted in no action by them.  If the EU does not care about food animals then it for sure does not care about stray cats and dogs.

We are sure that the EU will have a great time putting endless money into B&H when it becomes an EU member state.  By the ‘EU’, we mean German, Dutch, Danish citizens etc.  If the EU does not work for them, then you follow the Brits and you get out of Europe.  Let the money going to Serbia and B&H come from other member states who cannot afford it anyway.

The EU is in a complete and utter mess due to its own making.  With the likes of Serbia and B&H becoming members; the EU rules of law will never be applied and Europe will become a kind of wild west.

EU – you deserve it.  You have never listened to the citizens.  Now face the consequences.



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