America’s bees are dying in droves, Mark

And despite mounting evidence that toxic “neonic” pesticides — the most heavily used insecticides in America — are killing bees, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to take decisive action to stop the onslaught.

Enough is enough! If the EPA won’t do its job, President Obama must step in now — before he leaves office — to crack down on these bee-toxic products from corporate goliaths like Bayer and Monsanto.

The fight is all the more urgent as today, Bayer, the world’s #1 maker of neonics, announced that it will take over Monsanto, the world’s leading seller of neonic-treated seed. This new corporate behemoth could make our chemical-soaked food supply even deadlier for bees.

Please sign NRDC’s emergency petition to the President, urging him to make bee survival an end-of-term priority and get bee-killing pesticides off the market.

A staggering 44 percent of honeybee colonies in America collapsed over the past year — the second highest rate ever recorded. Overwhelming scientific evidence points squarely to the deluge of neonic pesticides as a key culprit.

We simply can’t wait another minute for strong government action. And with barely four months left in President Obama’s term, time is running out.

Take action now: Urge President Obama to do what’s best for bees and people — not what’s most profitable for Bayer and Monsanto.

His administration must move quickly to impose a ban on all uses of neonic pesticides that pose a risk to bees. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We depend on bees to pollinate 70 out of 100 major crops, from apples and blueberries to watermelon and zucchini.

If we don’t address this bee crisis now, the economic and ecological impacts on our bees, our food supply and our environment will be disastrous.

It’s crucial that the White House hears from millions of concerned citizens like you — so please, speak out now.

Thanks, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


USA: McAntibiotics – Overused, and Bacteria are Becoming Immune.




The McDonald’s hamburger is an icon of the modern world, and billions have been served worldwide since it was first introduced 76 years ago.

But one detail has been missing from this contemporary legend: the gross amount of antibiotics that have been pumped into the famous McDonald’s beef patty.

Scientists are warning that we’re rapidly approaching the “post-antibiotic era”. As antibiotics are overused, bacteria are becoming increasingly immune. It’s downright dangerous. And fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s are feeding the crisis.

Tell McDonald’s to stop contributing to antibiotic resistance by cutting the use of medically important antibiotics in its global beef, pork and poultry supply chains.

McDonald’s has been under public pressure to change its supply chain before.

After losing unhappy customers due to antibiotics in its chicken supply, McDonald’s cleaned up its menu in its U.S. restaurants and banned chicken raised on antibiotics that are important to human medicine. This shows that change is possible — but it won’t happen without public pressure.

Now we need to see that change for beef and pork too, and beyond just U.S. restaurants. We need a commitment to reduce antibiotics for all of the animals involved in the behemoth McDonald’s supply chain, and for franchises worldwide.

We can’t even explain how important this is — antibiotic resistance is a growing threat with consequences for our ability to survive even the most common illnesses. McDonald’s is worth a staggering $39 billion and operates 36,000 stores all over the world — but its cultural impact as the corporate face of hamburgers and fast food is much more significant. Getting an international, public-facing corporation like McDonald’s to stop the overuse of antibiotics would send shockwaves through the industry.



We know McDonald’s responds to public pressure because we’ve fought it before — and won. Over 200,000 SumOfUs members demanded that McDonald’s stop participating in global deforestation by rewriting its palm oil policy. And that’s exactly what it did. Now we need to do it again — our health depends on it.

McDonald’s: Put antibiotics out to pasture. Commit to higher standards across the board. Commit to cut medicated meat from the menu.

Thanks for all that you do,

Liz, Angus, Nicole, and the rest of the SumOfUs team.





Taiji Japan: Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists.

Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists

Less than two weeks into the 2016/17 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, Dolphin Project documented the first lives lost – and another threatened.

On September 9, in an eerie resemblance of last year, almost to the day, the dolphins’ luck ran out when a pod of Risso’s were driven into the cove and slaughtered. As Dolphin Project live streamed from the cove, the world watched in real time as this once-robust pod of approximately 19 dolphins were killed, their lifeless bodies hidden underneath blue and gray tarps. The remaining Risso’s also watched, awaiting their own slaughter as the skiffs went by, dragging dead pod members.

Two days later, one of our Cove Monitors was stalked by a Japanese Nationalist Group, subjected to repeated aggressive and threatening gestures lasting over an hour. Local police attempted to act as a buffer between the two, but one individual managed to open her car door, hit her vehicle and scream, “Yankee — get out!”

“As a U.S. citizen she has a right to be there and stalking is a serious crime in Japan. We question why the police are allowing them to do this.”
~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

Dolphin Project Cove Monitors have visas to be in Japan and are not breaking any laws. Local law enforcement should know that stalking is illegal in Japan. Making obscene gestures is also illegal, and yet the perpetrator/s were not arrested or charged. We are happy that she was unharmed, and will continue her vigilance for the dolphins.


Watch the London Taiji demo (with music by the brilliant David Bowie) which took place on Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:






UK: British Government Debate Korean Dog Meat Trade and UK Badgers. Probably More Than ‘EU’ Member State Parliaments !

U Flag


SAV Comment – interesting that the issue of the South Korean dogmeat trade is being discussed by the UK Parliament.  UK voted for Brexit.  How many other parliaments in other EU member states are giving time to discuss the dogmeat tade ? – As we have said before, Brexit will enable UK groups to progress and hopefully improve international animal welfare standards.  We are not seeing much of this in the way of improvements from the existing EU.  People of Europe, have balls, get out and leave Junker and his crew to wallow in their own ???..  Don’t just talk  – DO IT !!

“Does the hon. Gentleman agree that it is incredibly important during the forthcoming period of negotiations around Brexit that the UK takes a firm position on maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards when it comes to how we implement laws on animal welfare—not just for companion animals, but for livestock more generally? Otherwise, the messages we are trying to send internationally will be totally undermined”.


Dear Mark Johnson,

Parliament debated the petition you signed – “Urge the South Korean Government to end the brutal dog meat trade”

Watch the debate: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/e5c0e472-edfa-421d-ad27-5b04760cdd5e

Read the transcript: https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2016-09-12/debates/16091221000001/DogMeat(SouthKorea)

The petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/120702

Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament


badger artworkbadger demo chick

And Badgers :

Dear Mark Johnson,

You recently signed the petition “End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas”: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/165672

On 7 September, MPs debated badger culling and bovine TB.

You can watch the debate here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/f1662df6-ed33-4717-bfb8-2e0f664a9464?in=16:29:30

You can read the debate here: https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2016-09-07/debates/16090732000001/BadgerCullingBovineTB?utm_source=petition165672&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=debate

This was a debate in Westminster Hall, the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. Dr Paul Monaghan MP successfully entered a ballot system for this debate. This is one way backbench MPs can get debates in Parliament. You can find out more about Westminster Hall debates on the Parliament website: http://www.parliament.uk/about/how/business/debates/westminster-hall-debates/

You can read impartial information from the House of Commons Library on badger culls in England on the Parliament website: http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN06837

Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament