The Sultan and His Harem.

The Sultan and his Harem

Every day we get news about animals, they have now exceeded the tolerance level of the patient.

The situation is this: we write and inform ignorant officials of the EU Commission on Crime and manure stalls in the livestock sector.

These well-paid Clueless are not chosen by us.

None of them, whom we address for years, sits in the Commission because I voted for him.

As we all know, the “Commissioners” are nominated by their governments, and their appointment is confirmed by the EU Parliament.

But in the EU Commission, the German dynasty under Merkel is in charge.

All other 27 countries, are just lackeys of Merkel.

For the past year, however, and because of the refugee policy of Merkel, Europe is controlled by the Sultan Erdogan.

His Harem include Merkel and the entire European Communities.

Can we expect from the Commissioners that they punish the crime and illegality in the transport of animals in the country of the Sultan Erdogan?

Not at all, they are only errand boys of the country’s bosses, and they belong to, as I said, the harem!!!

What Osmin cannot do, can Blonde and Konstanze even less. And a Belmonte is not in sight (“The Abduction from the Seraglio” Smiley).

The only thing that can save us (and by that I mean the animals), is a revolution in the harem of the Sultan Erdogan.

Withdrawals from the EU, new government elections, demonstrations against corrupt governments.

And perhaps, no longer talk to the Commissioners, but with their superiors.

“Do not talk to the monkey, but to the circus manager,” says the old proverb.


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The future for EU animals under the current EU political system ?

  • New members and even less control than there is now; and ‘now’ is bad !


Many thanks Venus for your comments

Strangely enough (?) I was just putting together a few points about Merkel; the Brexit etc.

I include it below and as with getting out of the EU, I feel that the UK has very much done the correct thing.

Here is what I was preparing – it is very basic but does give a few formal links to the press etc.

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Looks as if Merkel is lining herself up for a top job at the EU Commission when the good German people get rid of her.  She has the attributes – she talks a lot but will really do nothing.  Maybe she could be put in charge of investigating and actually taking action on live animal exports from the EU to Turkey.  After all, some of the animals that ended up in Turkey did originate in Germany.

EU spokesman, Alexander Winterstein, said: ”As all Member States do, Spain must submit its draft budget on 15 October. They should also inform that date about effective actions, in line with the decisions of the EU Council.”

SAV Comment – ‘Effective Actions’ – maybe Alexander Winterstein could talk to Mr Bernard Van Goethem – he knows nothing of EU ‘effective actions’.

Conscious of the growing mood of resentment across Europe, the EU Commission chose not to impose a fine on Spain over its failure to hit Brussels deficit targets just last month”.

A  growing mood of resentment ? – probably the biggest un truth of all time.  It is growing yes; but it is here, now, already !  – EU citizens hate the EU; when will they (the EU) get the message if ever ?

They don’t do anything for the people as we have seen with the inactions of Van Goethem over live animal exports to Turkey.  As long as he sits in his well paid job, doing very little for animal welfare, then he is no doubt very happy.

Thank God for Brexit – only the start of decent, animal caring nations and people eaving.