China: (Circus) Bears Crying Out.



Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.


Bears Crying Out for Help

Dear Mr Johnson,

For a bear PETA Asia’s investigator named Doudou, “training” meant being yanked by her neck and forced to walk on parallel bars, sometimes on just her front paws. If she stopped or made even the smallest mistake, she was struck with a stick. When she wasn’t being forced to perform, she could often be found pawing and biting at the bars of the cramped, barren cage she was confined to, crying out desperately for someone – anyone – to stop her abuse.

Her cries – like those of the many bears, tigers, monkeys, and other animals PETA Asia’s eyewitness found in 10 different circuses and animal training facilities across China – were simply ignored by trainers, who saw Doudou and other animals like her as little more than another circus “attraction” to be coerced into performing ridiculous and often painful tricks through fear, intimidation, and violence.

Will you help make a difference in the lives of animals who are desperate for our assistance by making a special gift to PETA today?

The abuse PETA Asia has exposed at Chinese circus training facilities is heartbreaking. In addition to Doudou, the eyewitness documented that bear cubs were tightly strung up by their necks and forced to stand on their hind legs – sometimes for hours on end – at the risk of choking or hanging themselves. Young lion cubs were found quivering in fear, and tigers were seen being violently whipped and beaten with heavy metal poles to force them to jump through hoops and balance on balls. The eyewitness found terrified monkeys grimacing, struggling against neck chains, defecating in fear, and attempting to escape from their handlers.

In every circus inspected by PETA Asia, animals lacked adequate food, drinking water, housing, and veterinary care.

The abuse documented in this groundbreaking investigation isn’t just the result of notoriously weak Chinese animal-protection laws. In circuses everywhere, animals are routinely kept in chains and confined to cramped cages. The use of fear and punishment to force animals to perform – much like what was discovered in China – is common practice among circuses that exploit animals around the world.

But with your help, we can change that.

Please make a much-needed donation today and boost PETA’s vital work to help stop animal abuse.

This latest exposé has done more than reveal the heavy chains, frequent beatings, and constant fear of abuse that circuses use to control the animals they hold captive: it’s also inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to pledge never, ever to buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals.

PETA Asia’s circus investigation is even beginning to have an impact in China, where the group has now become the top international charity on Sina Weibo, the biggest social-networking site in that country. Footage from the investigation has been seen by millions, and just last week, the largest English-language newspaper in Eastern China – Shanghai Daily – ran a story on the tremendous social media response to this case.

Across China and around the world, calls to shut down circuses that abuse and exploit animals are growing louder. Governments in France, the UK, and elsewhere are seeing new pressure to follow the lead of Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries by banning wild-animal acts, and more and more families are refusing to buy tickets to any circus with animals.

Your generous gift today will immediately strengthen PETA’s vital work for all animals, including those who are being abused for human entertainment right now.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

PS: PETA Asia’s


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