America’s bees are dying in droves, Mark

And despite mounting evidence that toxic “neonic” pesticides — the most heavily used insecticides in America — are killing bees, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to take decisive action to stop the onslaught.

Enough is enough! If the EPA won’t do its job, President Obama must step in now — before he leaves office — to crack down on these bee-toxic products from corporate goliaths like Bayer and Monsanto.

The fight is all the more urgent as today, Bayer, the world’s #1 maker of neonics, announced that it will take over Monsanto, the world’s leading seller of neonic-treated seed. This new corporate behemoth could make our chemical-soaked food supply even deadlier for bees.

Please sign NRDC’s emergency petition to the President, urging him to make bee survival an end-of-term priority and get bee-killing pesticides off the market.

A staggering 44 percent of honeybee colonies in America collapsed over the past year — the second highest rate ever recorded. Overwhelming scientific evidence points squarely to the deluge of neonic pesticides as a key culprit.

We simply can’t wait another minute for strong government action. And with barely four months left in President Obama’s term, time is running out.

Take action now: Urge President Obama to do what’s best for bees and people — not what’s most profitable for Bayer and Monsanto.

His administration must move quickly to impose a ban on all uses of neonic pesticides that pose a risk to bees. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We depend on bees to pollinate 70 out of 100 major crops, from apples and blueberries to watermelon and zucchini.

If we don’t address this bee crisis now, the economic and ecological impacts on our bees, our food supply and our environment will be disastrous.

It’s crucial that the White House hears from millions of concerned citizens like you — so please, speak out now.

Thanks, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


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