An Unforgettable Story From Venus – ‘And Here Is My Family’ !

I want to thank Venus for sharing her wonderful experience with us all.



Hi Mark,

That is the story with the fox, which I had promised you to send.

Best Regards


In the village where I live, in southern Germany in the middle of the Black Forest, I am surrounded by “wild” animals.

We have formed a group of four people, and we feed the wildlife. Above all, we want to save foxes, which are hunted most in Germany.

Two years ago, in the area where I was responsible, I always saw a fox at night. When I went up to the mountain she was there, I could see her eyes in the dark and when it was full moon, she herself too. She was waiting for me, she knew the time, animals have an inner clock.

In that evening I came home late. It was a polar night, – 15 C showed the thermometer and we had full moon. I quickly carried my boots, took the pot with the food and came out. Nothing moved, it was an absolute silence, the snow was ice under my feet and reflected everywhere a hard, white light.

I slowly came up the mountain. Just before I reached the accustomed place, I stopped! There were not only two eyes to be seen, there were 10 or maybe more. Except eyes, I could see nothing else. What was that? I wondered. A herd perhaps? I dared a few steps forward. And then, under the moonlight I could see that not only the fox was there, but her whole family.

She had brought her whole family this evening to introduce them to me. For a few minutes we all remained motionless, the little ones too. They were beautiful, incredibly beautiful. Perhaps the mother made the first night-expedition with them, which belongs to the training! Maybe she wanted to introduce me her whole family. No one dared to take the first step. I decided to take some steps backwards. I slowly emptied the pot of food on the snow and took the path back.



A few weeks after this incident, the food in the forest remained untouched. It was clear, my fox was no more there. One of the men’s our teams said we must search the forest. Maybe he was shot, then we’d have to worry about the little ones. But we have not found a dead fox.

Today I still go up and still leave food there. One woman, neighbor of our small village told me that it is forbidden to feed wild animal and she will denounce me to the police.

I said she should do it. It is indeed forbidden, but this law have made some psychopaths who call themselves “hunters”, and have desire to kill.

I practice my law: “The measure of all things is the life, is not man” And my duty is to protect this life.






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