USA: Teaching Children All the Wrong Things !



WAV Comment – wow is it so sad and dangerous that some nations now appear to want to be teaching their young children to go out and kill anything from such an early age; rather than teaching them respect for the environment and all the creatures that inhabit it.

This below is another of those ‘festivals’ which teaches kids all the wrong things from a very early age. Here is another:

A lot of evidence now obtained over many years by crime organisations in including the FBI; show that young kids who are taught to kill, by starting with animals, then move on to ‘human kills’ later in life. Want some evidence ? :


Fortunately, in the UK and Germany, children are not let loose with deadly weapons to slaughter everything they can for stupid little ‘prizes’. We cannot say much more than we have shown this, and if parents still think that this is the way to bring up children, then it is a very sad world in some places.


Rattlesnakes Beheaded by the Hundreds…

A sick, cruel festival in Sweetwater, Texas is encouraging children to behead helpless rattlesnakes and paint with their blood. This three-day-event, dubbed the Rattlesnake Roundup, rips innocent animals from their own environment to publicly torture them in front of crowds of people.

The Miss Snake Charmer pageant showcases teenage beauty queen contestants who chop off the pinned-down snakes’ heads. For a small fee, attendees, including children, can decapitate a snake, cover their hands in its blood, and slap a handprint on the white mural.

Animal cruelty should never be encouraged or associated with fun activities for kids. The event will take place in less than two weeks, so we urgently need your support.

Sign the petition to urge the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to ban this barbaric event and show that the mass execution of Texas’ wildlife will not be tolerated.

Petition link –


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