Germany: Send An E Mail To German Chancellor Merkel Asking For (A one off) 8 Hour Maximum Journet Time For Animals In Transport.



We are combining with German anti export campaigners to continue pressing for a one off 8 hour MAXIMUM journey time for all animals in transport.

This will be very much to the benefit of all animals, who currently endure the un- monitored and rather pathetic EU Regulation 1/2005 for animals in transport, which is the EU standard.  Under this existing EU Regulation, journey times are:

Un-weaned Calves, Lambs and Foals – 9 hours of transport – followed by a minimum 1 hour break; with then another 9 hours of transport.  Total time – 18 hours on the road with a minimum 1 hour rest period, which is taken ON the vehicle.

Pigs – 24 hours transport in a single journey.  Animals should officially have access to water throughout then journey, but we very much question if this is often the case.

Cattle, Sheep and Goats – 14 hours of transport – followed by a minimum 1 hour break; with then another 14 hours of transport.  Total time – 28 hours on the road with a minimum 1 hour rest period, which is taken ON the vehicle.  Animals officially to be fed and given liquids during break if necessary, but we very much question if this is often the case.

Horses – except registered horses – can be transported for a maximum period of 24 hours.  Must officially be given liquids, and if necessary fed every 8 hours; but we very much question if this is often the case.


Note in all cases above the ‘rest period’ is officially 1 hour minimum.  There is NO maximum; but animals normally take the rest period STILL LOADED ON the vehicle.  So you could have an example where cattle can be officially transported for 28 hours on the road.  The rest period could be 1 hour but it could also be, for example, say 8 hours.  There is no maximum rest period; but the rest period is normally taken with the animals remaining ON the vehicle.  Hence for this example you get 28 hours on the road with say an additional 8 hours rest still on the vehicle.  This would mean that animals are confined on a truck for a minimum of 36 hours, which we consider is outrageous.

We and others are calling for a ONE OFF MAXIMUM journey time of 8 hours or less.

We are mailing German Chancellor Merkel to ask her to put pressure on the EU to reduce animal journey times to a one off 8 hours maximum.  She has influence at EU level; but also has German elections next year – she needs votes ! – we want something in return.



take-action-3 get-involved-2

Below you will find a sample letter which you can copy and then send to chancellor Merkel. 

E mail your copy of the sample letter to the following address:

You can of course use the sample letter as a guide and amend it to your own requirements.

Here below is the Sample Letter – we provide both English or German versions for you to select; copy and send.




German Version


Sehr geehrte Bundeskanzlerin Frau Dr. Merkel,

im Rahmen der 8hours Kampagne im Jahr 2012 haben mehr als 1,2 Mio. Bürger die EU-Kommission aufgefordert die langen, qualvollen Tiertransporte mit lebenden Tiere auf acht Stunden zu begrenzen.

Jedes Jahr leiden Millionen von Tieren im Fernverkehr in ganz Europa.

Sie sind für Tage oder sogar Wochen in überfüllten LKWs oder Schiffen eingepfercht und extremen Temperaturen ausgesetzt.

Zudem erhalten sie nur sehr wenig Nahrung und Wasser – häufig werden auch die gesetzlich erforderlichen Ruhepausen ignoriert.

Es ist unfassbar, dass die EU-Kommission die Anforderung dieser 1,2 Mio. Bürger, Tiertransporte auf max. acht Stunden zu begrenzen, völlig ignoriert hat.

Laut EU-Verordnung Nr.1/2005 gelten für/und während der Tiertransporte folgende Richtlinien:


  • Tiere müssen frei von Hunger und Durst

  • Tiere müssen frei vom Schmerz, Verletzungen und Krankheiten,

  • Tiere müssen frei von Angst und Stress sein

Darüber hinaus ist es verboten, ihnen unnötige Schmerzen oder Leiden zuzufügen.

Dies sind nur einige der Punkte gegen die bei diesen lang andauernden Transporten verstoßen wird.

Leider existieren diese Anforderungen für einen humaneren Tiertransport oft nur auf dem Papier. Wirklich respektiert und eingehalten werden diese Anforderungen gerade bei Tiertransporten über acht Stunden nicht.

(Dies können Sie auch dem beiliegenden Video entnehmen.)


Animals transports from the EU to Turkey –  

Export of sheep from England to Germany by J. Onderwater (NL).


Alle Gespräche, die die Organisation EyesonAnimals mit den Herren Andriukaitis und Bernard van Goethem geführt hatte, endeten mit der enttäuschenden Antwort: “We cannot do anything“.

Somit sind die verantwortlichen EU-Kommissare lange untätig geblieben.

Laut Lissabon-Vertrag, können eine Million Menschen, die aus mehreren Mitgliedsstaaten kommen, mit Hilfe der Bürgerinitiative die Europäische Kommission auffordern, neue politische Vorschläge unterbreiten.

Diese 1,2 Mio. Menschen konnten die EU-Kommission bisher nicht dazu bringen das Elend der Tiertransporte über acht Stunden zu beenden.

Deshalb fordern wir Sie nun auf, sich dafür einzusetzen, dass diese Transporte zeitlich auf max. acht Stunden begrenzt werden. Bitte machen Sie Ihren Einfluss geltend, damit die Gesetze zu Durchführung der Tiertransporte endlich angepasst werden.

Vielen Dank!



English version


Dear Chancellor, Dr. Merkel,

In the context of the 8hours campaign in 2012, more than 1.200.000 citizens have asked the EU Commission to limit the long, painful livestock transportation to 8 hours. Every year millions of animals are suffering from long-distance transport across Europe.

They are confined for days or even weeks in overloaded trucks or ships and exposed to extreme temperatures. In addition, they receive only very little food and water – often the legally required rest breaks are also ignored.

It is inconceivable that the EU Commission has completely ignored the requirement of these 1,2 million citizens to limit animal transports to max. eight hours.

According to EU regulation no. 1/2005, the following bids apply during transports:

• Animals must be free from hunger and thirst

• Animals must be free from pain, injuries and diseases,

• Animals must be free from anxiety and stress

These are just some of the points that are being breached in these long-lasting transports.

All this is up to now only on the paper, it was never really respected, as you can see from the enclosed videos.


Animals transports from the EU to Turkey –

Export of sheep from England to Germany by J. Onderwater (NL).


All the talks conducted by the organization Eyes on Animals with Mr Andriukaitis and Bernard van Goethem ended with the disappointing answer: “We cannot do anything”.

Thus, the responsible EU commissioners have remained inactive for a long time.

According to the Lisbon Treaty, one million people who have to come from several Member States can use the citizens’ initiative to ask the European Commission to submit new political proposals. These 1,2 million people have not yet been able to stop the misery of the transport of animals over eight hours.

Therefore, we are asking you to make sure that these transports are timed to max. eight hours.

Please state your influence, so that the laws on the implementation of the animal transports are finally adapted.

Thank you


Here below are 3 video links from our friends and fellow campaigners at ‘Eyes on Animals’ (NL) which show a typical day with animal transport investigations.  After watching the videos, which are also included in the sample letters above, we hope you will agree with us campaigners that EU animal transport regulations at the moment are very wrong, and you will add your support to the call for a one off 8 hour maximum journey time by sending the sample letter to Chancellor Merkel at the e mail address we have given earlier.


watch the video

3 Videos (by Eyes on Animals)

Note these video links are also included in the sample letters given above:


Animals transports from the EU to Turkey –


Export of sheep from England to Germany by J. Onderwater (NL).


For the animals – please act; thank you.





Above photos – SAV.





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  1. Tierarzt

  2. We must all do everything we possibly can to bring these appalling practices to an end.

  3. No journeys at all.

  4. A shame for all politicians, who could stop the whole animal torture without any efford.

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