India: Watch Some Superb Animal Rescues From Our Friends At AAU In India – Be Inspired To Help Animals !


animal aid unlimited india


Here below are some truly superb animal rescue videos by our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited.  Despite suffering some terrible injuries, the work and dedication of the team at AAU have proved successful every time.  They deserve our support to enable them to continue with their brilliant work.

Between some of the videos you will see a donation link.  Please try to give something to help this brilliant team with their continuing work to save animals of all shapes and sizes. 

We take our hat off to the entire team; enjoy their uplifting videos and wish them the very best for the future.  SAV.




Dear Mark,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful love of animals with Animal Aid Unlimited. We are so delighted to return that love by sharing these special love-packed stories and to introduce you to some unforgettable angels whose happiness was worth every day of treatment and care. Your loving support is behind each of these videos. You are an essential member of the rescue team. So as you watch these videos, we hope your heart will be filled with pride. These are your sweethearts.


How could anyone have abused this precious girl?

This beautiful older lady might have been deliberately hit. We found her bleeding from her head collapsed under brambles. Her recovery was slow and we feared she might have permanent brain damage. But suddenly the sunlight shown through.


A mother’s love meets Animal Aid’s love and the result?

Baby donkey Genevieve was attacked by a wild animal. Her many bite wounds were not only painful, the danger of sepsis from infection was acute. Treating her in the hospital was a must, but someone WASN’T ok about being separated. Genevieve’s mom was not about to let strangers take her baby–so of course, we packed up Mama and took her along. Watch how her mother made SURE she’d get better.


 animal aid unlimited india



“Hold on sweetheart! Hold on!”

This utterly lovely girl could not gain a perch in this well, and she had exhausted all her energy swimming and searching for a way out of her prison. Without rescue she would died from either drowning or hypothermia. What a beautiful angel to save.


A bull FAINTED after falling into a shop.

Two bulls locked horns in a busy Udaipur market, and one of them was hurled through a glass shop window. This poor bull was so upset he lost consciousness and crashed to the floor. Rescuing him was not so easy, but it sure felt good when he recovered and stood all by himself at Animal Aid.



 animal aid unlimited india


This is the biggest porcupine quill we’ve EVER seen. And it went through her eyelid!

This gentle old girl got herself in terrible trouble after we presume she went after a porcupine. We found her with a massive quill embedded several inches under her eye-lid. It was a miracle her eye wasn’t punctured. Watch our just-in-time rescue of this stunned and dazed sweetheart.



Frozen in pain, donkey’s shoulder gashed on busy highway.

What could be more heart-wrenching than a gentle donkey bleeding from a traffic accident, stuck in the roar of traffic unable to move? Watch Hobnob’s crisis turn to slow and steady relief and joy.





Sweetest greeting from dog in desperate pain.

Maybe his tail wagged because he sensed his moment of rescue had finally come. Meet gracious Dylan whose shredded ear had become unbearably painful and infested with maggots was life-threatening. He’s a new boy after several weeks of treatment–meet a super hero of sweetness.


Your loving donation lifts suffering Someones out of pain. What a beautiful way to cherish animals.

With our deepest thanks,



animal aid unlimited india


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