Turtle Island – Important Petition To Be Signed By 27/11/16. Please Take Part.

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Petition link –  https://seaturtles.org/takeaction/increase-observers-on-driftnet-fishery/  


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We need your comments by Sunday, November 27th, so we can submit them with our comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service.


Urge US Government to Increase Observer Coverage of California’s Deadly Drift Gillnet Fishery

The California drift gillnet fishery for swordfish and shark is the most dangerous fishery for whales and other marine mammals along the U.S. West Coast from California to Alaska.

Over the past decade, this fishery killed or injured almost 800 dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals.


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Last year, Turtle Island and allies won new rules requiring increased observer coverage and hard caps (triggers that will result in the immediate closure of the fishery when certain numbers of animals are killed or injured).

Turtle Island believes that this deadly fishery needs 100% observer coverage and that the hard cap levels need to be reduced to better protect marine species.

Please sign the petition calling on the US government to keep a better eye on this deadly fishery.

We will submit your petition to the National Marine Fisheries Service before the close of the formal comment period.


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